David (Hindi)

David (Hindi) – The movie begins with 3 persons with the same name “David” on the verge of doing something destructive that would end a life, friendship and relationship. The only difference is the first David’s story is set in 1975, the next ones in 1999 and the last ones in 2010. Coincidentally the date of the incident remains the same. The story then rewinds back in life of each of them and take us through the incidents that had bought them to this juncture. The movie is quiet engaging in particular the story of the first two played by Neil Nitin Mukesh and Vinay Virmani. The shots have been taken picture perfect and the editing is done very well. The third story in which Vikram plays David seems to be too weak for a movie plot and is in sharp contrast to the other two. However the other two make up for it. All the lead characters have done very well. Kudos to the director for screening the 1975 story in black and white. It is so pleasant to watch the black and white sequences which concentrates on the depth of the story with some brilliant lighting and cuts off the unwanted details which might have conveyed in color. If you like movies like Amores Perros, Yuva where the plot is built around incidents and does not have an ultimate goal which it leads to, then you would like this movie. Or else this may not interest you.


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