Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro

Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro – is a Hindi satirical comedy film released in 1983. Two photographers get involved in bringing a construction scam to light in association with a press editor. As they start gathering evidence they realize that the number of people involved in the scam keeps increasing.

The movie is filled with satirical comedy that is relevant even in the present day scenario as well. The screenplay is still enjoyable even though it has been taken in 1983. The cast ensemble is very phenomenal as you would see in the initial credits many of the names have gone a long way to influence Bollywood in their own areas all these years. The highlight of the movie is its climax where in the characters become part of the Mahabharata stage play and it is a ROFL comedy that would be evergreen forever. The movie is known for its ending which you may not see in many of the comedy movies. The movie has become a cult classic and still has many followers. Recently the movie has been digitally remastered and released. You can buy the DVD and watch it and do share your comments with me.

Must Watch – for a brilliant screenplay!


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