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Shuddh Desi Romance

Shuddh Desi Romance – is a Hindi romantic comedy film released in 2013. The plot deals with the confusions in the minds of the present day youngsters about marriage and commitment.  Raghu a tourist guide meets Gayatri an open minded independent girl on the previous night of his wedding and likes her. He elopes from the wedding stage just before his wedding ceremony. Later he meets Gayatri and both of them start a live in relationship which eventually leads to wedding. But few minutes before their wedding Gayatri runs away. What happened to Raghu after that, Did Gayatri come back? Were they able to change their perception on wedding is the remaining story.

Yash Raj Films comes out with yet another bold concept of live in relationship that is not often talked about widely in Indian families. Director Maneesh Sharma has used Baraat and Wedding planner backdrop which worked for him in Band Baaja Baarat to convey the story. It is not just a romantic comedy film but has a strong take on the confused mind of present day youngsters regarding commitment. Maneesh should be praised for taking up such a concept. However once the lead characters get into live-in relationship the movie slows down and he has used intimate scenes as the mode to move the story which makes it sluggish.  Shushant Singh Rajput and Parineeti Chopra has played their part well. Many of the audience might find Shuddh Desi Romance to be “adult”-e-“rated” because of the concept it deals with.  Overall the movie is different for the new plot and the actual problem that is bothering the current younger generation, however due to the lack of substance in the screenplay you might find it slow. It might make a good watch in TV or DVD.

Wait for TV/DVD – for the plot

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