Now You See Me

Now You See Me – is a English thriller released in 2013. Four magicians are brought together by a unknown man. They perform magic shows in which they rob bank live and distribute the money to the audience. FBI and Interpol are after the magicians to catch them live. Where they able to prove the deception in their magical acts and arrest them is the plot of the movie.

The movie is made in a very stylish way as many of the famous heist movies like Ocean’s Eleven. It keeps the audience engaged and guessing the trick throughout the movie. Although there are few of the tricks you might be able to guess before hand as you had already seen movies on similar lines but still the screenplay is written very brilliantly to keep you glued to your chair. This is one of the movies which got released without many frills but would sweep you off the feet if you are a fan of heist movies. It is a must watch.

Must Watch

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