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Thirudan Police Review

Thirudan Police Review

Thirudan Police Review – Thirudan Police is a Tamil action comedy film released in 2014. Vishwa gets his father’s job as a constable after his father’s death during an encounter. He doesn’t have any hard feelings as his father always has been strict with him. But as he learns the kind of difficulties a constable has to go through in his job he develops respect towards his father.

Thirudan Police is the first directorial venture for Caarthick Raju. He has taken up direction after working for creating visual effects for several movies. Given this is a first movie the end product has definitely turned out to be very decent. The first half of the movie is very engaging and revolves around the life in police quarters and the kind of life the lower grade officers go through which includes losing their self-respect on many occasions. All these are conveyed in a humorous tone which proves effective. The scene in which he has to buy fruits from a roadside vendor for free for the assistant commissioner’s family and in the end he fights with his conscience and pays out of his own pocket is a good one. There are many such scenes which make the movie stand apart from the rest. Till the complex knot is built and he realizes the sacrifice of his father the movie is very engaging but post that it slows down a bit. Although the director had a good plot built up he did not want to take the usual route of ending the climax in a dramatic fight rather he had chosen to stay different which may not appeal to many sect of the audience.

Attakathi Dinesh has performed his role well and this is a role that suits him well. Iyshwarya Rajesh does not have much role in the movie.

Overall Thirudan Police is more about police rather than the thief. Apart from minor glitches and the songs for the sake of songs Thirudan Police is definitely deserves a watch when you are at leisure.

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