Rajathanthiram Review

Rajathanthiram Review

Rajathanthiram Review – Rajathanthiram is a Tamil heist movie released in 2015. 3 friends who do petty theft for a living plan on doing a larger heist from a rich jeweler.

Debutant Director A.G Amid has chosen heist as the plot for his movie. Heist plots has the potential of creating a very interesting and engaging screenplay. However the element of surprise and twist should be placed very smartly enough for the audience to be enthralled as the movie ends. If this is not done well then any heist movie would fail badly. Rajathanthiram manages to keep the interest going on. Although the audience know there would be a twist in the end but still the script keeps you engaged with it as how it is done is kept as a well maintained secret in the film. The movie also works well in most of the parts in moving the pieces together. The acting levels of the lead actors are not of top notch as many of them are new. Still they put up a show that is decent enough to make it an entertaining watch. The comedy blends in well with the story and helps in moving the story ahead. Regina is underutilized and serves only as an eye candy in the film rather than how the promos of the movie had tried to portray her. The director should be appreciated for his sincere first attempt with a limited budget yet giving a decent output.

High Points: Heist plot, Comedy in the screenplay, the final heist sequence is entertaining to watch.

Low Points: Predictable plot line and novice acting skills

Overall Rajathanthiram may not be that brilliant heist movie that would blow your mind off but it is a movie that would definitely serve as a light hearted entertaining watch any time.


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