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Enakkul Oruvan Review

Enakkul Oruvan Review

Enakkul Oruvan Review – Enakkul Oruvan is a Tamil psychological thriller released in 2015. Vicky is an insomniac, working as an Usher in a movie hall. Vicky comes across a drug dealer who sells him a new drug Lucia that would enable him to sleep with a caution that he would start living a double life in his dream. Vicky takes the drug and starts living the life of a celebrity in his dreams but soon things take unexpected turns.

This is the remake of the Kannada movie Lucia directed by Pawan Kumar. The Tamil version is directed by debutante Prasad Ramar. I haven’t seen the original which had a more of a new age film treatment while the Tamil version is bit more charismatic with actor Siddharth’s presence.  The movie kept me engaged right from the first scene. The screenplay is the king of the movie. Having most of the sequences of the movie in black and white is a huge risk but still it has worked beautifully here. As an audience you would be confused as the promos for those portions have been in color. The intertwining of the dream life and the real life is treated very well in the narration. Having character overlaps in the two worlds have also been brilliantly placed.  Siddharth has performed his role very well. His performance as an Usher is commendable. He has exhibited a great deal of difference in his body language to differentiate between the two characters.

High Points: Novelty of the plot, the screenplay, Siddarth’s performance, black and white treatment

Low Points: Challenge to stay upto the expectation of the original, audience had watched the original may not like this so much as it always happens with remakes.

Overall despite being a remake Enakkul Oruvan is still a brilliant movie that would stand out from the crowd. If you love movies then watch this one for sure.

Must Watch


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