Minions Review

Minions Review

Minions Review โ€“ Minions is an English animated comedy movie released in 2015. This is prequel to Despicable Me series where the creatures called Minions existed since beginning of time and they always find their purpose in serving a super villain. But for years they are deprived of having a master. Three minions Kevin, Stuart and Bob set out on a journey to find their new master a new super villain.

If you love Minions there is lot you would enjoy in this movie. But if you ask if I would rate this higher than Despicable me then I would say no. My review here is going to treat this as a separate movie without comparing it to its predecessors. The plot is definitely a very interesting one. Thanks to all the Minions promos for increasing the expectation from this movie. To be honest since I have seen all the preview trailers of the minionโ€™s movie I did not find anything new in the first half. Everything seemed to repeat itself and was another ordinary animated drama with occasional laughter.

The movie picks up in the final 20 minutes leading to an entertaining climax. I said you would need to love Minions and Despicable Me series for you to love this one. There are very subtle references of what is going to come next in the movie you might miss this is you are not a fan of this franchise. The next thing this movie has capitalized on is all superhero movies. If you have watched a lot of Superhero movies then you would associate with many of the villain characters shown here and also some of the sequences are direct spoof of a superhero action scene. If you get this you would enjoy this even more. Right from Spiderman to Godzilla you will find references to all of them. The three minions are modeled after the 3 adopted daughters of Gru in the Despicable Me series, which has worked well to continue the tradition of the franchise.

What clicked well for me is the climax of the movie, which was simply stunning and donโ€™t miss the credit sequence which is hilarious.

High Points: Adorable Minions they proved they could take a movie on themselves in Despicable Me 2 and they in fact have done it, the climax sequence is definitely the most entertaining part of the movie, reference to many superhero movies.

Low Points: The promotion of the movie had revealed too much than it should have. The first half of the movie is a bit slow. Scarlet overkill could not match the charismatic super villain Gru.

Overall without comparing this with the previous installments, Minions deliver what they had promised to. If you love animated movies then you would enjoy this.


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  1. Lower than Despicable Me means the loss of “Despicable Love” ๐Ÿ˜€
    I made the choice to watch Baahubali and then found out that there was no show – means this Friday is movie-less for a change ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Ha Ha good one… ๐Ÿ™‚ There is an issue for Baahubali in Kerala with the film exhibitors federation. They are now stopping wide releases of movies from other languages and they think it is good for Malayalam movies… From a 200+ screens it has now come down to less than 60

      1. Some theatres have just closed down; I think it is more related to that Premam piracy issue. If the movie releases late, people will have watched them in the multiplexes already!

  2. hmm… I have been asking Teny to watch the movie and reveiw it…because I liked the trailors of the Minions so much!! it turns out he choose to not watch this…. I watched it and the monie was entertaining… I really like Despicable series so I know the minions… it’s ok… but the trailers made me laugh a lot… I don”t know how it connects to the superhero charactors, nor how they are modeled after the girls(: … I would say ok movie… thx for the review on Minions(:… they are funny no doubt…

    1. Yes the trailers were very good but they gave too much away which made most of the parts of the movie like a repeat watch… The personalities of the 3 minions were modeled after the girls… Villain con is a direct spoof of comic con which is focussed on superheroes.

      1. Comic Con… you know in cities they have a comic con fair… its weird… all comic merchandise… and lots of adults attending it… waste of money… we spend all the money on eating since I think its more suting kids(:

        1. Yes all the animation movies and super heroes movie don’t necessarily make huge profits just by the movies they rely on the merchandise sale to make more profits… All the adults of the present generation have grown watching these superheroes as kids and it still continues… Even the superhero movies have become more suitable for adults than kids

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