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Kuttrame Thandanai Review

Kuttrame Thandanai Review

Kuttrame Thandanai Review – Kuttrame Thandanai is a Tamil psycho thriller released in 2016. A man suffering from tunnel vision discovers he would lose his sight over time. He happens to be a witness of a possible suspect in the murder of a girl in his neighborhood.

This is the second movie of director M. Manikandan after the critically acclaimed Kakka Muttai. This is a new genre and apparently this happens to be the movie he had committed before Kakka Muttai. This is a different genre, yet revolves around the desperation of an individual. In this case the desperation of getting his sight back.

There are no songs in the movie which is a welcome change amidst of the commercial frenzy films. In  thrillers, the success and engagement depend on how well the final climax is hidden from the audience. Unfortunately, I was able to predict it much earlier. Nevertheless, the movie was engaging throughout and fortunately the climax was not about solving the mystery which made it more interesting.

The visuals and the backdrop of the apartment have been done well and suit the tone of the movie.  Vidharth has performed his role very well as he had done in Aal.  Usually to reflect the inner conscious screenplay writers employ the same character image talking to him however in this the character of Nasser is brilliantly planted in the script which does the job for the director.

High Points: Song free thriller, Visuals, Characterization, Vidharth’s performance. The short run time of the movie.

Low Points: Part of the end had been predictable at least for me. Few folks may not like the climax.

Overall movies like Kuttrame Thandanai pushes the standard of story telling and movie making to a new level and continues to prove it is not just about high bankrolling projects and popular star cast alone. This is a must watch for the love of movies.

Must Watch

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