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Kalyana Samayal Saadham

Kalyana Samayal Saadham – is a Tamil romantic comedy film released in 2013. The film revolves around the various situations that occur in planning and organizing an Indian wedding. The story is narrated through the various events that occur during the arranged wedding of Raghu and Meera. When the wedding is finalized everything seems to be breezy until they face a problem that could potentially call off the wedding just couple of months ahead of the actual wedding. Added to this everyone in the family thinks they own the wedding and orchestrate the events much to the dislike of the to-be wedded couples. Were they able to resolve the issue, did they find a soul mate in each other remains the rest of the plot.

Director RS Prasanna has not only captured the essence of an arranged Indian wedding but also has subtly covered many problems that occur in organizing one. The problem that the couples face would be new for the audience to see it on screen. This kind of keeps the story engaging and not let it fall apart as a usual wedding drama which we have seen in many movies.  Actor Prasanna has essayed his part very well and Lekha Washington just fills in sufficiently. She has a limitation on the number of expressions she could bring out on screen.

What you would like: Very fresh screen play, comic portion of the movie, typical wedding time drama elements that most of us would have experienced

What you would not like: Certain shots look disconnected without an establishing shot. Lack of  strong drama element due to too many positive characters might bore you in parts

Overall the movie as a complete package is definitely watchable despite its few short comings.


Sutta Kadhai

Sutta Kadhai – is a Tamil Slap stick comedy released in 2013.  In a fictitious tribal region Kora Malai the tribal head Ottagam is shot and killed when he is out hunting for birds. The daughter of Ottagam, two new recruits in the police are out to solve the mystery. Were they able to find the killer? is the plot of the movie.

Although the makers have tried to call it a dark comedy it is far from being dark and I would consider this as a slap stick comedy for the review. Director Subbu has struck upon a good concept, backdrop, characters and shots for the movie and where he has failed doing a good job is stitching the sequences together. It does however make you laugh occasionally. The casting for the movie is done well; you see experienced actors and newbies from Chennai Theatre group. The movie starts very well and demands a high degree of attention but after 30 mins into the movie it starts dragging as there are repeated and elaborate sequences. Before the knots are tied for the audience to keep guessing how it would be untied the story starts untying it. What they claimed to be a complex knot proves to be a very weak one.

What you would like: Concept and Characters, Absurdness in the script, Sambasivam comics

What you would dislike: Dragging and repeated sequences, Not so complicated problem, disconnected flow in the screenplay

Overall the movie is a forgettable affair.

Can skip it

Rejected – Short film

Rejected – is a short film made for 48hfp (48 hour film project Delhi in 2013. The film is about a girl who is rejected a UK visa and the life threatening measure she takes after that. The movie is of comedy genre and is a very light watch. It also has a very satirist take on the addiction many of us have in the present day.

The movie is made by Petromax Films and directed by Arko Provo Bose. It has won 6 awards including best picture in the Delhi 48hfp. The story is very simple and would make you laugh. What I liked most about the film was its editing by Raja Gurpal Singh and Sound Design from  Shuaieb Alam Babar. It really gave the film a very professional finish. Good work by the entire team. It is a must watch!


Idharkuthane Aasaipattai Balakumara (Idhaaba)

Idharkuthane Aasaipattai Balakumara (Idhaaba) – is a Tamil Comedy movie released in 2013.  One day in a wine shop three incidents happen. A Roadside Romeo who has been stalking a girl in the neighborhood is being interrogated and warned by a local goon. A young sales representative stressed out balancing the demands of his boss and his girlfriend’s expectations, is drinking with his friends. Two contract killers stab a man to death. The paths of all these stories cross and what happens is the rest.

The movie starts in a lighter note and travels with the three story lines in parallel and convincingly ends with a much needed social message. Director Gokul has done a good job in engaging the audience to a greater extent compared to his earlier outing with Rowthiram. The screenplay is brilliant and keeps the interest going on. The cast, music and the locations all fit in apt with the story line.

What you would like: Comedy, Social message, Engaging Screenplay

What you would dislike: Too much of wine shop

Overall the movie is definitely a good watch.


Moodar Koodam

Moodar Koodam – A Tamil Dark Comedy movie released in 2013. Four strangers come together under a strange circumstance. They decide to loot the house of a business man running a financial investment company. The business man is about to elope with his family cheating people of their money. The four strangers enter the house and hold everyone captive to get money. Did they succeed in their attempt is the rest of the plot.

Dark comedy as a genre is now picking up for Tamil Cinema. The new comer director and actor Naveen should be praised for choosing such a subject for his first movie. The story stays true to its title Moodar Koodam (Fools Gathering) and brings the fool out of every character. If you have a taste for dark comedy you will enjoy and laugh at the incidents. The techniques used in the five flashback stories have been brilliant each depicting a type of film making. The movie starts with a bang, slows down in the middle and picks up during the climax portion. The drag in the middle portion is because of the fact that there are no thrilling moments which could have kept the audience excited. All the cast have played their part well and the screenplay for the climax sequence have been done well. Overall the movie is a good attempt for a beginner and deserves a watch.

Watchablefor dark comedy fans!