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Varutha Padatha Valibar Sangam

Varutha Padatha Valibar Sangam – a tamil romantic comedy film released in 2013.  Sivanandi is a village head who is known for his violent nature. Among his priceless possession is the rifle presented to his father by the British. The movie starts with police investigating about Sivanandi’s third daughter who is known to be shot by Sivanandi as she eloped from his house along with her boyfriend. Once the news is confirmed police arrests Sivanandi and the movie travels into flashback of incidents that had led to this. Why did he kill his daughter and under what circumstances is the rest of the plot.

Director Ponram comes from the school of Director Rajesh (Boss engira Baskaran and OK OK). The movie has the same flavor of Rajesh’s movie but in a village background. Sathyaraj has a good presence in the movie and has done his character with ease. Siva Karthikeyan and Suri has been successful making audience laugh occasionally. The movie runs with the weight of its title thanks to Vadivel for getting this name in Winner. The plot is very simple and doesn’t warrant a 2.5 hours script. The sequences and situations of village fights, father not approving the love, jobless youth roaming in the village without taking anything seriously are all what you would have seen in previous movies numerous times. The only difference is the climax of the movie. Overall the movie is just an average flair and you cannot take it seriously as its lead characters do not take anything seriously, the movie just remains a forgettable one.

Can Skip it 

Shuddh Desi Romance

Shuddh Desi Romance – is a Hindi romantic comedy film released in 2013. The plot deals with the confusions in the minds of the present day youngsters about marriage and commitment.  Raghu a tourist guide meets Gayatri an open minded independent girl on the previous night of his wedding and likes her. He elopes from the wedding stage just before his wedding ceremony. Later he meets Gayatri and both of them start a live in relationship which eventually leads to wedding. But few minutes before their wedding Gayatri runs away. What happened to Raghu after that, Did Gayatri come back? Were they able to change their perception on wedding is the remaining story.

Yash Raj Films comes out with yet another bold concept of live in relationship that is not often talked about widely in Indian families. Director Maneesh Sharma has used Baraat and Wedding planner backdrop which worked for him in Band Baaja Baarat to convey the story. It is not just a romantic comedy film but has a strong take on the confused mind of present day youngsters regarding commitment. Maneesh should be praised for taking up such a concept. However once the lead characters get into live-in relationship the movie slows down and he has used intimate scenes as the mode to move the story which makes it sluggish.  Shushant Singh Rajput and Parineeti Chopra has played their part well. Many of the audience might find Shuddh Desi Romance to be “adult”-e-“rated” because of the concept it deals with.  Overall the movie is different for the new plot and the actual problem that is bothering the current younger generation, however due to the lack of substance in the screenplay you might find it slow. It might make a good watch in TV or DVD.

Wait for TV/DVD – for the plot

Sonna Puriyathu

Sonna Puriyathu – a Tamil Comedy movie released in 2013. The plot deals with the common problem of bachelors who have apprehensions about getting married.  Shiva a dubbing artist wants doesn’t believe in marriage while his mother forces him to get married. She tries to fix his marriage with Anjali who seems to be very orthodox. When Shiva tries varioud ways to cancel the wedding he finds that Anjali also does not believe in marriage and is trying to cancel the wedding. The rest of the story is about how their relationship develops and did they change their opinion about marriage.

Director Krishnan Jayaraj has used comedy as the flavor to tell the story. Coming from Tamizh Padam fame CS Amudhan’s school and with Shiva in the lead this is a given. The subject is very niche and many of the audience may not have connected well to the actual problem. Also the director has used various techniques to keep the audience laughing which again lightens the actual intensity of the problem and the story wavers around incidents which may not be relevant to the plot. Shiva’s template script and he has done what he usually does. Overall the movie is not bad it would make a good watch on TV and may make you laugh even if you do not connect to the plot.

Wait for TV/DVD 

Pattathu Yaanai

Pattathu Yaanai – is a tamil action comedy movie released in 2013. Five cooks create enmity with a  local rowdy in Karaikudi and move to Trichy to setup their business and lead a peaceful life. But with the turn of events they get entangled into a gang war in the city. How they get out of it and setup a peaceful life is the rest of the story.

The movie has the usual elements that you would have seen in many of the commercial entertainers that cash in on the star value of the lead actor. Boopathy Pandian who is known for his commercial script writing and direction of movies like Devadhaiyai Kanden, Thiruvilayadal Arambam has once again created a script that  is entertaining in most of the parts. At the end of the movie what stands out is its comedy than its action. Once the movie switches into action mode you find that there is nothing new in it. The plot was different and had all ingredients in it to become a good slap stick comedy but fizzles out with its dose of action. Even the characters seem to be confused if they are part of a comedy film or an action film. Vishal has done a decent job, Aiswarya Arjun needs to work on her acting skills, Santhanam has yet again made a movie more enjoyable. Overall the movie is not bad and would make a good watch and make you laugh at various points in time, thanks to Santhanam. It would be a good watch on TV/DVD.

Wait for TV/DVD – for its comedy elements

Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro

Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro – is a Hindi satirical comedy film released in 1983. Two photographers get involved in bringing a construction scam to light in association with a press editor. As they start gathering evidence they realize that the number of people involved in the scam keeps increasing.

The movie is filled with satirical comedy that is relevant even in the present day scenario as well. The screenplay is still enjoyable even though it has been taken in 1983. The cast ensemble is very phenomenal as you would see in the initial credits many of the names have gone a long way to influence Bollywood in their own areas all these years. The highlight of the movie is its climax where in the characters become part of the Mahabharata stage play and it is a ROFL comedy that would be evergreen forever. The movie is known for its ending which you may not see in many of the comedy movies. The movie has become a cult classic and still has many followers. Recently the movie has been digitally remastered and released. You can buy the DVD and watch it and do share your comments with me.

Must Watch – for a brilliant screenplay!