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Man of Steel

Man of Steel – The most expected superhero movie of the year brings the rebooted Superman to the silver screen. As it is a reboot the movie is all about the origin of Superman and establishing his identity as Superman. As a boy Clark Kent is worried about the superhuman abilities he has and is confused if he would be accepted by the society and live a normal life as a human. He goes on a long journey covering his path and identity. But the circumstances and his super human abilities would not let him be in the dark for too long. Soon he is faced with the challenge to save the earth and the only way he could do is by revealing his identity. Did he reveal his identity? Did the human race accept him? forms the rest of the plot.

The movie had a load of expectations on itself with names like Christopher Nolan, Zack Snyder, Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner in the credits. DC delivering a phenomenal reboot for the Batman just raised the expectation of this movie much higher. In comparison with the expectations the movie works in parts. There is a newer side of Superman’s childhood and the emotional turmoil he goes through which is taken very well. However once he takes the superhuman form it just becomes an average film. There is overdose of visual effects, which makes you bit exhausted in the end of it. Henry Cavill looks good as a superman however he has just limited expressions which becomes a bit monotonous through the movie. The movie does promise a good beginning for some promising sequels to come. If we were to take off the overloaded expectations of the movie it is a good watch.

Its a Bird, Its a Plane, Its Superman go for the red cape hero you had been inspired for decades.

Watchable – for Superman fans

Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 (3D) – A great sequel in the Iron Man series. It has all the thrills and frills you would expect from an Iron Man franchise. A wholesome entertainer… with brilliant performance from Robert Downey Jr where as Iron Man he takes on one of the deadliest evil force and also having to find answer to some of the questions he has for himself… For Iron Man fans “Its Christmas time” (you will get this once you see the movie)… As in case of all Marvel productions, wait till the credits roll you would enjoy the epilogue …

Must watch for all superhero movie fans

The Hobbit: An unexpected journey IMAX 3D

The Hobbit: An unexpected journey IMAX 3D – Peter Jackson has just turned the book to life… I was surprised that given the size of the book…is a three part series warranted? It is very detailed and you might find it slow and lengthy if you haven’t read the book… Peter Jackson might have run the risk of overdoing it…. we have to wait for the next two parts… The 48 fps format makes the 3D viewing spectacular… Probably the next best to Avatar in 3D… If you are a fan of The Hobbit then its a must watch … Watch it in 3D you will love every bit of it… Can’t wait for the next two parts and subsequently an abridged version…

Must Watch – For LOTR fans

The Amazing Spiderman

The Amazing Spiderman – Spiderman story retold… This time they have tried to stay more closer to the comic… If you are expecting something amazing then you would be disappointed… Otherwise it’s a nice watch… The movie is bit dark throughout and slow as well… They could have increased the pace bit which might have kept the interest levels on…