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Maryan – is a tamil thriller movie featuring Dhanush and directed by Bharatbala. The movie is a dramatized version of a real incident where in a man from a fisherman colony owing to financial pressure goes to Sudan to work on a 2 year contract in construction industry. At the end of the tenure he is looking forward to meet the love of his life whom he had to leave when he left for Sudan. In a strange turn of events he is abducted by terrorists in Sudan desert. The rest of the movie is about his attempt to get out of the situation and return home.

This is the first commercial outing for Bharatbala who is known for creating some amazing patriotic videos including the famous Vande mataram with AR Rahman. He has done a decent job by not falling too much into the commercial elements just for the sake of it and let the story travel on its own weight. Dhanush and Parvathi menon should be lauded for their performances and they have tried to stay up to the demands of their characters. A R Rahman’s background score and cinematography by Marc Koninckx has been the highlight of the movie and will stay in your mind even after you leave the hall. The hallucination scene involving cheetah in the desert and the underwater sequences are brilliant visualizations! 20 years back Maniratnam did an adaptation of the mythological story “Satyavan – Savitri” in Roja, he painted the story in the canvas of terrorism in Kashmir. Now Bharatbala has done the same in Maryan and the canvas he has chosen is terrorists in Sudan desert . Overall the attempt is a successful one. The way of story telling might appear to be disconnected as the director doesn’t spend time in stating the obvious and moves on. The other area where he could have done better is during the characterization build up of the lead characters and other supporting cast. Leaving too many things to assumptions might have people disengaged… Overall you can’t skip Maryan for it has lots to offer than its few limitations…!

Watchable – for a different story, brilliant cinematography and apt music!


Raanjhanaa (Amibkapathy – Tamil) –  A local boy in Varanasi falls in love with a Muslim girl since his childhood… Soon he finds rest of his life, aspirations, dreams, love, pain everything limited to her (Bas Tum Tak…!)

Anand L Rai has given a very good story that is just not limited to a puppy love story. The first half of the movie is colorful and enjoyable, the cinematographer Natarajan Subramaniam brings the lively colors of Varanasi in front of your eyes… the second half of the movie has a serious tone and through the journey of Kundan and Zoya the director takes you through the current political affairs in the country. Love prevails in the end and stays immortal. Dhanush is a very appropriate selection for the movie and has essayed his character very well, Tamil audiences might have watched this in many of his movies. Abhay Deol is charismatic in the portion he plays. Anand hasn’t let any star cast over shadow the plot and the screen play but has the story lead the way all through. The life and soul for the movie is A.R Rahman’s musical score. Raajhanna would make you laugh, cry and think. It is a wholesome entertainer that will keep you engaged throughout… Go for it!

Must Watch

Theeya Vela Seyyanum Kumaru

Theeya Vela Seyyanum Kumaru – A boy who is not good at impressing girls takes the help of a consultant who is an expert in helping men woo women. Does he succeed in this remains the rest of the plot.

The plot has certain similarities to the Hollywood movie Hitch however director Sundar C has given a very well local adaptation that is enjoyable. In 1996 Sundar C directed a movie Ullathai Alli Thaa, a blockbuster that made people laugh out loud without worrying about any logic. Screen play based on comedy has been the home turf for Sundar C and he is very good at it. In between he shifted to movies centered around action which did not give him the same amount of success and accolades his comedy scripts had given. Glad to have him back on his home turf doing comedy scripts. After Kalakalappu he gives yet another movie that will make you laugh throughout if you are willing to not think too much about any logic around the incidents. The biggest risk had been Siddarth essaying the character of a boy next door as he already has an image of a romantic hero. However pleasantly he had played the role very convincingly. Santhanam is the life line for the script and he lights up the scenes very well. If you are a fan of movies like Ullathai Alli Thaa and Kalakalappu, you would enjoy this one as well. Watch it and have a hearty laugh!


Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani – Ayan Mukerji’s movie after his critically acclaimed Wake up Sid is a feel good entertainer. In his previous movie he has used the plot and the story line to move things however in his new outing he has relied heavily upon  on the star value of Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone. The movie is a package of well blended commercial elements of love, friendship, father son relationship, sentiments. There is never a dull moment in the movie which makes it a pleasant watch… but there is something missing on the whole when compared to Wake Up Sid, probably as I had said too much reliance on the star value of the lead actors might be the one. In the end it turns out to be a typical movie from the K Jo’s banner which keeps you entertained throughout. If you are in mood for a feel good romantic movie you would enjoy this.


PS: I had read some reviews with comparison to Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and Dil Chahta Hai… I would strongly recommend you not to do that as that would set your expectations very high and might disappoint you… Just go an watch it with an open mind 🙂


Sundarapandian – A run of the mill commercial entertainer. There is nothing special or unique about the movie. The narration style is very simple, funny in parts and stays  on track of the plot without wavering too much. Local bus travel is plays a prominent part in the movie. For those of you who had extensively traveled in public bus during your school and college days this might bring back some nostalgic memories. If you want to watch a movie without having to think too much then this one might keep you engaged.