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Skyfall – Bond is back… This time defeating death… The movie is very engaging throughout… Though there are sequences which you might have seen in many movies performed by other heroes… Watching Bond do it is refreshing… It definitely out scores the previous two movies…

Must Watch – For Bond Fans


Maattraan – If you go with a checklist that you would want to see in a KV Anand flick, stunning visuals, different plot, pacy script, bar song, twist in the plot… you would come with everything checked… a decent entertainer… but still stereotypical for KV Anand and Surya.. ┬áIf you compare it with Ko you might be disappointed… the difference between the two has been that the Twist in the tale was broken in the first half unlike Ko where he was able to save it till the end… Not a bad movie…

Wait for DVD/TV

Ezham Arivu

Ezham Arivu – worth a watch entertainer with commendable performance by Suriya and able direction from Murugadoss. “India had a rich cultural heritage and people not only excelled in arts but also in science. However this has been lost over many invasions and forgotten” has been the message. However this gets diverted by too much emphasis on the problems of Tamizhs which this story does not intend to convey but has been thrust into the dialogues. Otherwise it has all the components to entertain a wide range of audience…