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Hindi Movie Reviews

Delhi Belly

Delhi Belly – If you can with stand Gross-out humor you will enjoy this movie… Very different attempt in Bollywood and good build up to the story as it progresses… In short if you have watched Snatch… this one is Snatch with Gross-out humor with Delhi background… I hate this movie (like I love it) 😉

Must Watch – For Dark Comedy Fans

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara – A breezy movie to watch… There is no story or plot to look out for… But the light heartedness of the script, the characters and their reflection of life absolutely beautiful… Spain plays a character in the movie and looks ever gorgeous as in Woody Allen’s Barcelona!

Must Watch


Rajneeti – Caught in directors dilemma of basing it on Mahabharat or God Father. Prakash Jha fails to create the same punch as he had done in Gangajal or Apaharan in his native style. Though a good political plot the screenplay might appear to be dragging for people who have seen God Father and many other Mahabharat adaptations.  If you haven’t seen movies like Godfather then you might like this one…

Wait for DVD/TV


Rann – typical RGV  movie… it gets on track right from first shot and somewhere in the middle falters a bit… However he had made up for everything in the climax… He has made a bold statement on media which is not bringing news but selling news… Worth the watch for its serious subject, good cast and direction…