Idharkuthane Aasaipattai Balakumara (Idhaaba)

Idharkuthane Aasaipattai Balakumara (Idhaaba) – is a Tamil Comedy movie released in 2013.  One day in a wine shop three incidents happen. A Roadside Romeo who has been stalking a girl in the neighborhood is being interrogated and warned by a local goon. A young sales representative stressed out balancing the demands of his boss and his girlfriend’s expectations, is drinking with his friends. Two contract killers stab a man to death. The paths of all these stories cross and what happens is the rest.

The movie starts in a lighter note and travels with the three story lines in parallel and convincingly ends with a much needed social message. Director Gokul has done a good job in engaging the audience to a greater extent compared to his earlier outing with Rowthiram. The screenplay is brilliant and keeps the interest going on. The cast, music and the locations all fit in apt with the story line.

What you would like: Comedy, Social message, Engaging Screenplay

What you would dislike: Too much of wine shop

Overall the movie is definitely a good watch.


Speechless – Short film

Speechless – is a short film made for the 48hfp (48 hour film project – in 2013. A young woman who is challenged with speech and hearing receives a Smart Phone as a gift on her Birthday… the 5 minute script exposes the reason behind the gift. Although the movie was made in 48 hours the constraints are not visible due to the story it conveys and holds your attention throughout. The movie is made by Team Postmasters and directed by Srikant Kekare. The film bagged 5 different awards in the event. Watch the movie here. Its a must watch for its short and sweet concept.

Epistolary Movies

Epistolary Movies – The term is based epistolary novels. This refers to a particular style of writing the screenplay. In this style the story is narrated as a series of letters or diary entries. In the modern day this could be a series of text, audio or video blogs.

Writers used this technique mainly to avoid a third person narrative in their scripts. This gives the opportunity for the writer to narrate the story in first person. Many popular movies have employed this technique either completely or in parts to make an effective screenplay. The recent movie The Lunchbox is an epistolary movie script where the main plot moves through the exchange of letters between the lead characters. James Cameron had used this in Avatar for narrating the incidents on the Pandora Island through the protagonist’s video blog. Ghajini is an example of epistolary script which is through a list of diary entries. In comparison to a character narrating it to the audience or another character this gives a more realistic and effective timeline jumps as it covers only highlights which are inherent nature of letters or diary entries.


Arrambam – is a Tamil Action Thriller released in 2013. The movie is an adaptation of the English movie Swordfish.  Ashok (Ajith) employs a skillful hacker Arjun (Arya) against his will to hack into highly secured networks. Arjun learns Ashok is behind the bomb blast in the city and also witnesses him killing multiple people. He tips off the police to get Ashok arrested… Was Arjun able to escape from Ashok? Why is Ashok killing people, planting bombs and hacking systems? – is the rest of the plot.

The entire script sails on the mass value of Ajith. The movie starts promisingly and definitely engages audience to a larger extent. However the flash back has been made into an emotional drama to justify the actions of the protagonist.  In an effort to make the movie a commercial pot boiler Director Vishnuvardhan misses to tie the loop holes in the screenplay. He seemed to have been desperate in connecting strongly with the audience and has employed the ploy which had been used successfully in many movies. The elaborate climax fight scene defies the logic of an average movie goer.

What you would like: Ajith’s screen presence, star cast, action sequences and the social message.

What you would hate: Drag in the screenplay, unwanted melodrama to justify the actions and overuse logic defying sequences.

Overall the movie has been made for the Diwali audience who are generally more forgiving than usual. This is a movie where you should not think too much and might make a decent watch when aired on TV.

Wait for TV/DVD – for the star cast

Onaayum Aattukkuttiyum

Onaayum Aattukkuttiyum – is a Tamil Crime Thriller released in 2013. One night a medical student finds a man lying on the road with a bullet wound. He risks the law and saves him by doing a surgical procedure all by himself. The unknown man later known as wolf escapes after the surgery and we come to know that he is a fugitive and a contract killer wanted by the police. Who is this wolf and why is he wanted by the police? Did the medical student and his family come out of the case? – is the rest of the plot.

Mysskin is known for his unique plot and different style of narration. Onaayum Aattukkuttiyum is no different. It has its thrilling and gripping moments that would keep the audience engaged for its most part. Ilayaraja’s background score is a great plus for the movie. Different camera angles and elaborate single shot narration which are typical Mysskin’s trademark can be seen in this movie as well. However as the story unfolds you feel that the suspense is dragged a tad bit longer and which is distraction for the viewer. The actual suspense turns out to be bleak for the amount of bloodshed that happens. Mysskin should concentrate more on the production quality of the movies he makes. Overall it is not a bad movie and would make a decent watch on television.

Wait for TV/DVD


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