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The Gods Must be Crazy – Part I

The Gods Must be Crazy – Part I –  A South African comedy film released in 1980, which revolves around the life of Xi who is part of the Bushman tribe. From the busy materialistic city life where enough is never enough the movie switches over to Kalahari Dessert where the Bushman tribe is happy and content with what they have got and are very thankful to the almighty. Their lives take a turn when a empty coke bottle falls from the sky (from a flying plane). They think this is another boon from God however this brings in envy, jealousy, violence within the tribe which they haven’t experienced before… as there is only one of it. Xi takes on a mission to destroy it by taking it to end of the earth and giving back to the Gods. The movie is about his journey and the kind of incidents he finds himself in through out his journey is rest of the movie. It is one of the hilarious movies I had ever seen and it guarantees ROFL. This is first of the series… There is also a very satirical take on the city life where people live in excess and are still not content with what they have got…. you would start appreciating what nature has given you once you see this movie…

Must Watch – ROFL Guaranteed