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Man of Steel

Man of Steel – The most expected superhero movie of the year brings the rebooted Superman to the silver screen. As it is a reboot the movie is all about the origin of Superman and establishing his identity as Superman. As a boy Clark Kent is worried about the superhuman abilities he has and is confused if he would be accepted by the society and live a normal life as a human. He goes on a long journey covering his path and identity. But the circumstances and his super human abilities would not let him be in the dark for too long. Soon he is faced with the challenge to save the earth and the only way he could do is by revealing his identity. Did he reveal his identity? Did the human race accept him? forms the rest of the plot.

The movie had a load of expectations on itself with names like Christopher Nolan, Zack Snyder, Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner in the credits. DC delivering a phenomenal reboot for the Batman just raised the expectation of this movie much higher. In comparison with the expectations the movie works in parts. There is a newer side of Superman’s childhood and the emotional turmoil he goes through which is taken very well. However once he takes the superhuman form it just becomes an average film. There is overdose of visual effects, which makes you bit exhausted in the end of it. Henry Cavill looks good as a superman however he has just limited expressions which becomes a bit monotonous through the movie. The movie does promise a good beginning for some promising sequels to come. If we were to take off the overloaded expectations of the movie it is a good watch.

Its a Bird, Its a Plane, Its Superman go for the red cape hero you had been inspired for decades.

Watchable – for Superman fans

Udhayam NH4

Udhayam NH4 – Out and out action thriller movies are bit scarce in Tamil Cinema. Udhayam NH4 is one such action thriller. The new comer Manimaran should be appreciated for taking up an action thriller subject for his first movie. The movie starts with Prabhu played by Siddarth abducting politician’s daughter Rithika played by Ashrita Shetty. There is a deadline for saving Rithika in the next 12 hours. A successful encounter specialist Inspector Manoj menon played by Kay Kay Menon is out to get Rithika back to her father. The rest of the movie is all about if he succeeds in his mission, why has Prabhu abducted Rithika? The answers are known as the movie unfolds.

The chase sequences and events have been well thought. As the movie revolves around 3 states the director has used the local languages with caption in Tamil and also lot of work has gone in getting the proper slang in the accent of the actors when they talk different languages. However the director hasn’t spent much time one other aspects in building up a strong motive, the characterization of the characters other than Prabhu which leaves the movie a forgettable one. If you are in mood for a different subject in Tamil Cinema you might not feel bad for watching this. Udhayam NH4 promises to give a enjoyable ride… it is indeed one if you ignore the occasional pot holes.


Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani – Ayan Mukerji’s movie after his critically acclaimed Wake up Sid is a feel good entertainer. In his previous movie he has used the plot and the story line to move things however in his new outing he has relied heavily upon  on the star value of Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone. The movie is a package of well blended commercial elements of love, friendship, father son relationship, sentiments. There is never a dull moment in the movie which makes it a pleasant watch… but there is something missing on the whole when compared to Wake Up Sid, probably as I had said too much reliance on the star value of the lead actors might be the one. In the end it turns out to be a typical movie from the K Jo’s banner which keeps you entertained throughout. If you are in mood for a feel good romantic movie you would enjoy this.


PS: I had read some reviews with comparison to Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and Dil Chahta Hai… I would strongly recommend you not to do that as that would set your expectations very high and might disappoint you… Just go an watch it with an open mind 🙂

David (Hindi)

David (Hindi) – The movie begins with 3 persons with the same name “David” on the verge of doing something destructive that would end a life, friendship and relationship. The only difference is the first David’s story is set in 1975, the next ones in 1999 and the last ones in 2010. Coincidentally the date of the incident remains the same. The story then rewinds back in life of each of them and take us through the incidents that had bought them to this juncture. The movie is quiet engaging in particular the story of the first two played by Neil Nitin Mukesh and Vinay Virmani. The shots have been taken picture perfect and the editing is done very well. The third story in which Vikram plays David seems to be too weak for a movie plot and is in sharp contrast to the other two. However the other two make up for it. All the lead characters have done very well. Kudos to the director for screening the 1975 story in black and white. It is so pleasant to watch the black and white sequences which concentrates on the depth of the story with some brilliant lighting and cuts off the unwanted details which might have conveyed in color. If you like movies like Amores Perros, Yuva where the plot is built around incidents and does not have an ultimate goal which it leads to, then you would like this movie. Or else this may not interest you.


David (Tamil)

David (Tamil) – The movie begins with two people by the same name David at different time periods trying to take a step that would lead to destruction of life, friendship and relationship. The only difference is the time period, each of the incident is 11 years apart but the same date. The movie rewinds back in each of their life to take us through the incidents that had lead them to do this and what is the ultimate decision they take. Jiva and Vikram have done their roles as David very well. The story of Vikram seem to be very weak as a plot and the director has struggled to build up the incidents that would make the audience connect while the story of Jiva is quiet engaging. At the end of the movie it leaves you with a incomplete feeling. The completeness is in the Hindi version where there is 3rd David whose story is much earlier to these two. If you are keen in this movie then I would recommend you to watch the Hindi Version. You can read the review here

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