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Veeram – is a Tamil Action Drama released in 2013. Vinayagam is a village don who lives with his five brothers. Together they stand for truce and believe in violence to bring about justice. Vinayagam falls in love with a girl whose father is also a head of a village but believes in non-violence as a mode for seeking justice. How does this conflict resolve, Did Vinayagam marry the girl he loves forms the plot of Veeram.

It is yet another movie that is written banking on the star value of Ajith. Director Siva known for his commercial masala pot boiler has not deviated from his comfort zone. The plot would remind of you of umpteen movies you had already seen in the past. Murattu Kaalai, Vaanathai pola, the recent remake of Murattu Kaalai. There is nothing new in this one either. At one point of time you feel the movie is heading towards the conflict between violence and non-violence to win a war. But it does nothing and has tried to bank on the commercial elements. On the whole Veeram is much of a forgettable affair. You wouldn’t miss much.

Can skip it


Arrambam – is a Tamil Action Thriller released in 2013. The movie is an adaptation of the English movie Swordfish.  Ashok (Ajith) employs a skillful hacker Arjun (Arya) against his will to hack into highly secured networks. Arjun learns Ashok is behind the bomb blast in the city and also witnesses him killing multiple people. He tips off the police to get Ashok arrested… Was Arjun able to escape from Ashok? Why is Ashok killing people, planting bombs and hacking systems? – is the rest of the plot.

The entire script sails on the mass value of Ajith. The movie starts promisingly and definitely engages audience to a larger extent. However the flash back has been made into an emotional drama to justify the actions of the protagonist.  In an effort to make the movie a commercial pot boiler Director Vishnuvardhan misses to tie the loop holes in the screenplay. He seemed to have been desperate in connecting strongly with the audience and has employed the ploy which had been used successfully in many movies. The elaborate climax fight scene defies the logic of an average movie goer.

What you would like: Ajith’s screen presence, star cast, action sequences and the social message.

What you would hate: Drag in the screenplay, unwanted melodrama to justify the actions and overuse logic defying sequences.

Overall the movie has been made for the Diwali audience who are generally more forgiving than usual. This is a movie where you should not think too much and might make a decent watch when aired on TV.

Wait for TV/DVD – for the star cast