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Guest Post: Sarabjit Review

Guest Post: Sarabjit Review

Guest Post – This review is written by Ritu Verma working as part of SnapperBazaar

When the trailer of Sarbjit was released, people were really excited to know about the life of an unfortunate Punjabi who drunkenly ambled across his field to cross the Indo-Pak border which lead into his dreadful journey of torture and death. While the audience expected to see his ‘Jai Jai Shiv Shankar’ song transform into blood cuddling cries and whines, the movie showcased his sister’s character more often. Even the poster had Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in the lead and the expected main lead, Randeep Hooda, was shown in her shadows.

Sarbjit was ruthlessly beaten and tortured after being caught by the Pakistani police force who suspected him of being an Indian terrorist named Ranjit. He was drowned in water, left in a room full of rats who scrawled all over him, locked in a box and many more unspeakable acts of torture were done to him. While he was suffering in the prison, his sister Dalbir (Aishwarya) and wife Sukh (Richa Chaddha) struggled to get him back to India. Both of their efforts went in vain when officials of both countries did not pay much heed to their demands. The result being, an innocent Indian subjected to numerous mental and physical tortures and finally a merciless death.

Randeep’s performance is the sole thing that might make the movie ‘paisa vasool’. But less spotlight on him and more on Aish has lead into poor collections of the movie. The acting of the all the three leads is appreciable. The sorrow and pain in Sarbjit’s character was beautifully portrayed by Randeep and Aish and Sukh successfully managed to illustrate the pain of hopeful loved ones wishing to see their beloved brother and husband beautifully. The makeup and costumes were also up to the mark. The songs of the movie were soothing and appropriate for the storyline. Overall it is a good watch.

Worth a Watch

The Big Short Review

The Big Short Review – The Big Short is an American comedy-drama released in 2015. The movie is based on true incidents that happened around the economic meltdown during 2008. The plot revolves around a bunch of individuals who had predicted the fall much ahead and made huge profits from the situation.

The movie relies heavily on some financial terms and concepts that may not be easily understood by common viewers. However, the makers have tried their best to make it very simple for a common man to understand. They have broken the 4th wall very effectively to help the audience understand the concepts so that they can relate to the upcoming incidents. They have popular personalities explaining the financial concepts using metaphors that can be comprehended by common man.

The movie has a star-studded cast that makes it more interesting in terms of some power packed performances. Steve Carell’s performance as Mark Baum is a stand out from others. Christian Bale, Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling help in decorating the screen well. Kudos to the director Adam Mckay in pulling this out very effectively and also making it appealing to a large crowd.

High Points: Star cast, a plot that is based out of true incidents, Breaking the 4th wall to keep the audience engaged, Screenplay that is not boring a bit

Low Points: The only low point could be this may not appeal to the audience who are not interested in the stock market.

Overall The Big Short is a must watch for all those who invest in stock market. You would be able to appreciate the movie much better. Even if you do not there is a lot that you can learn from the movie as concepts are made very simple to be understood by all. You could go without deep knowledge in the market and yet understand the movie.

Must Watch