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Irudhi Suttru Review

Irudhi Suttru Review – Irudhi Suttru is a Tamil sports drama released in 2015. Prabhu Selvaraj is a failed boxer owing to the dirty politics in the sports. He spots a raw talent in a girl living in the slum of Chennai and puts effort to coach her to raise to the top in the sport. Did he succeed is the plot of Irudhi Suttru.

Very rarely sports drama becomes a hit in Indian cinema. Irudhi Suttru is one movie which has proven that wrong. There has been good research done before going in for the shoots. This acts as a strong point for the movie. Kudos to director Sudha Kongara to have believed in the script and bringing it to the screen. The core strength of the movie is the script and performance of Madhavan and Rithika Singh. We get to see a different dimension of Madhavan as witnessed in Aayudha Ezhuthu. He has worked hard to transform himself into the role very well.

The visuals and tone of the movie are very pleasing. Nasser has fit into the role of a lazy coach very well. His comic timing is a treat to watch. The songs fit into the energy and the tempo of the movie very well. This yet again joins the healthy trend of movies around 2 hour time period which is off late becoming hit in Tamil Cinema.

High Points: Engaging Screenplay, performances of Madhavan and Rithika Singh, songs by Santhosh narayanan, visuals.

Low Points: The climax is bit overdramatic for the tale but I believe that is warranted for commercial success.

Overall Irudhi Suttru is a sincere attempt in movie making. It engages with you very well and breaks the stereotypes of women- oriented subject seen as not being able to produce commercial success. Kudos to the team and expect a lot more such good movies from Sudha Kongara.

Must Watch

Mary Kom

Mary Kom – is a Hindi sports biopic  on world boxing champion Mary Kom released in 2014. The movie revolves around Mary Kom’s journey from a small Village in Manipur to become five times world boxing champion even after being a mother of two kids.

When I came out of the theater watching Bhaag Milkha Bhaag I wished the trend of biopics to continue in India. Mary Kom is a wish come true for me and it’s encouraging for Indian Cinema. Hope this continues. Omung Kumar who had been Art Director for movies like Saawariya has turned into a director for Mary Kom. He has given a very inspiring and visually pleasing movie. The movie stays true and honest to the plot. As you see Mary Kom punch in the ring you get goosebumps. Priyanka Chopra has given everything for the character and has done true justice to the struggle Mary Kom has gone through. The good part about the screen play is the way in which other characters are built like her husband, her parents, her coach, the officer in the federation and the street fighter she takes on. It is an irony that the amount of sponsors for the Mary Kom movie are far more than the sponsors who would have endorsed her as she was winning world championships. Hope there is a healthy change in the system soon which can nurture more champions.

Overall the movie Mary Kom would inspire you, move you emotionally, create adrenaline rush and give you goose bumps. It is a Must Watch in the theaters and if you have kids take them to see Mary Kom.

Must Watch