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Very Big Shot Review

Very Big Shot Review – Very Big Shot is a Lebanese comedy film released in 2015. Three brothers who are into drug dealing business take up one last job before they set out to go clean and straight to open a restaurant business.

I had watched this movie in the Bangalore International Film Festival 2016. How I wished Tamil movie Jigarthanda’s second half was something like this. Anyways that is my personal views which many may differ to agree. Without getting into that argument let me talk about Very Big Shot. The movie is a gangster drug lord flick at the outset. However, there is a very sensible humor throughout the script right from the first shot. Once the gangsters figure out that film roles are spared from being screened at the airport, they decide to become a producer of a film. The movie gets very interesting from there on and it is a ride filled with loads of laughter.

The screenplay has been done very nicely to ensure there is a logical flow to the whole story. The characters have been created and established the way they fit into the situations well. There is no point it looks force fitted. Usually, comedy movies suffer from the phenomenon of force fitting humor into the script.

High Points: The scene where Ziad (eldest of the brothers) decide to make a movie to smuggle the drugs, the filmmaking scene where the Bhurka clad lady is stopped and the onlookers jump in to create a commotion without realising it is a shooting.

Low Points: As the humor is built around the movie making process, this humor may not work for all.

Overall, Very Big Shot is a wholesome entertainer that would make you laugh and keep you engaged throughout the movie. If you get a chance to watch this one do give it a try.

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The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel – is a English comedy film released in 2014. The movie revolves around the adventure of Mr. Gustave, concierge of the Grand Budapest Hotel and Zero, the Lobby Boy.

I did not have great expectations before I watched this movie. I was in for a very pleasant surprise. The movie starts off with switching multiple time context from the present to 1968 and then to 1932 where the actual incidents of a story take place. The movie is presented in a Novel format and narrates the incidents surrounding the Grand Budapest hotel, its concierge and the lobby boy. Wes Anderson has got a very good cast ensemble and the shots covering various sequences around the Grand Budapest hotel and the fictitious town of Zubrowka. One of the things impressed me was use of fantastic visuals for the establishing shots to cover the context of movie. You would have the satisfaction of finishing a novel by the end of it.

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Tenaliraman – is a Tamil comedy movie released in 2014. The ministers of Vigada Nagaram plan to bring in foreign traders into the kingdom and setup shops. This leads to poverty of locals. Tenaliraman, the witty and wise minister plans to bring this to the attention of the King and save the people.

Vadivelu’s come back movie after years. Taking up the role of the Tenaliraman is a very wise decision. Tales of Tenaliraman has always been fascinating and still they bring a smile on your face. The movie is a collage of many of the tales you might have read or watched on TV. Director Yuvaraj Dhayalan has neatly arranged it together to create an engaging screenplay. The film also has a very decent production quality. He has also tuned Vadivelu’s acting to suit to the story line. You may not enjoy the movie if you are expecting a laugh riot from Vadivelu like Imsai Arasan 23am Pulikesi. You would enjoy the movie if you go with an open mind and for Tenaliraman for the wise man he was. Overall the movie deserves a one-time watch.