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Lipstick Under My Burkha Review

Lipstick Under My Burkha Review – Lipstick Under My Burkha is a Hindi  Black Comedy released in 2016. The movie revolves around 4 women of various age group living in Bhopal. Each one of them has a dream that appears “Rosy” to them.

First and foremost this is a very bold movie and many of you may not like what you see on the screen. Although deep inside it reflects some of the true facts in an overly dramatic fashion that needs to be done to drive the point home. The movie captures the conservative background the four women live in and how contrasting wild their dreams are. A college-going girl Rehana wants to free herself from her Burkha. She idolizes Miley Cyrus and loves Led Zeppelin. Leela, about to get married wants to become an entrepreneur and start a honeymoon package for couples.  Shireen, a mother of three kids living with an insensitive husband is a successful sales women and wants to grow in her career and a 55-year-old lady Usha who had lost her husband very young finds solace in fulfilling her desires by reading a soft porn magazine.

The events build up and the transition between the lives of the lead characters are filled in with the description from the book Usha is reading. Rosy is the lead lady in the book and it talks about her dreams. Rosy is a metaphor for the dreams these women wish for. The rosy picture in the dream is not so rosy in reality. There are very brilliant moments in the screenplay subtle yet powerful that exposes the stereotypical nature of the society. The scene where Usha introduces herself as Buvaji and then realizes she has a name. Another scene where Rehana steals items from the shop to look fashionable.

The problem with the plot is not everyone would be able to relate to every woman. But definitely, they would be able to relate to one aspect of it.

High Points: The plot and the premise is an interesting one, the narration style of using text from the book for the transition has worked well, The lead characters have performed well, in particular, Rathna Pathak’s performance.

Low Points: The story touches some sensitive subjects which many might find hard to digest, Due to the content this is an Adult movie.

Overall Lipstick Under a Burka is a bold movie that paints the picture of various stereotypes women are subjected to. Not all that one dream is as “Rosy” as the reality is.

Worth a Watch

Moodar Koodam

Moodar Koodam – A Tamil Dark Comedy movie released in 2013. Four strangers come together under a strange circumstance. They decide to loot the house of a business man running a financial investment company. The business man is about to elope with his family cheating people of their money. The four strangers enter the house and hold everyone captive to get money. Did they succeed in their attempt is the rest of the plot.

Dark comedy as a genre is now picking up for Tamil Cinema. The new comer director and actor Naveen should be praised for choosing such a subject for his first movie. The story stays true to its title Moodar Koodam (Fools Gathering) and brings the fool out of every character. If you have a taste for dark comedy you will enjoy and laugh at the incidents. The techniques used in the five flashback stories have been brilliant each depicting a type of film making. The movie starts with a bang, slows down in the middle and picks up during the climax portion. The drag in the middle portion is because of the fact that there are no thrilling moments which could have kept the audience excited. All the cast have played their part well and the screenplay for the climax sequence have been done well. Overall the movie is a good attempt for a beginner and deserves a watch.

Watchablefor dark comedy fans!

Dark Comedy or Black Comedy

Dark Comedy – Also referred to as Black comedy is a genre of movies which deals with very serious subject in a lighthearted manner. Usually the serious subject involves difficult and hopeless situations in life like death, crime, natural disaster, war and so on.  It is also used to deal with subjects that are usually considered as taboo and causes discomfort among the audience if told normally. The use of comedy lightens the mood and it becomes a powerful medium to convey the most difficult things across and is thought provoking.  Some of the popular movies in the recent times that employed dark comedy and has been successful at the box office are Delhi Belly, Inglourious Basterds, Avan Ivan.