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Visaranai Review

Visaranai Review – Visaranai is a Tamil thriller film released in 2015. Four labourers living in a park are arrested by the police in order to close the case of a theft.

Visaranai is a very realistic movie that pierces through your emotions well. Director Vetrimaran has crafted the scenes with brilliance and every scene impacts the viewer. The scenes are gripping and realistic in nature. There is no room for humor and the movie is laser focussed on a social issue. Although the movie is based on an incident that had occurred many years ago in the past it is still relevant to the present scenario.  The performances by all the actors in the movie are very good. In particular,  Attakathi Dinesh, Aadukalam Murugadoss, and Samuthrakani’s performances stand out very well.

The entire script is organized based on two investigations. One in the first half and the other one happening in the second half. Both are brutal in its own sense. The research works that has gone behind in making the movie should be appreciated. Vetrimaran has added a new visual dimension to the novel  by M. Chandrakumar which otherwise may not have been noticed.

The climax sequence is very gripping and is clearly one of the high points in the movie.

High Points: Performances of the lead actors, the story being based on a true incident, the gripping and thrilling climax, realistic treatment of the script.

Low Points: There are not many low points for the movie, but for the fact the realistic treatment may not be suitable for all audience.

Overall this investigation is brutal and very realistic. It is filled with moments that would deeply affect you. In the end, you would walk out with an immense satisfaction of watching a great movie. Kudos to Vetrimaran and team for giving a good cinema.

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Nimirndhu Nil

Nimirndhu Nil – is a Tamil action drama released in 2014. Aravind grows up in an Ashram and wishes to lead life based on all moral values he has learnt. But he is in for a shock when he comes out of the ashram and starts working. He stands against all immoral values only to find himself get blamed for. Instead of giving into it he decides to connect people across the city who believes in moral values to fight against corruption. Was he successful in his attempt is the plot for Nimirndhu Nil.

Director Samuthirakani has created a brand for himself for making movies with strong social message. Nimirndhu Nil is yet another movie in this genre. The first half of the movie travels around the protagonist identifying various immoral deeds in the society which all of us have taken for granted and are part of it. The approach he takes to bring the wrong doers to light connects with audience well and sets the expectation for a treat as they had seen in movies like Anniyan, Shivaji and so on. However the movie falters in the second half where the screenplay has struggled to untangle the knots it has set in the first half and in the end turns out to be an average flair and the intensity of the message does not have an impact. Overall this is not a bad watch and you might enjoy watching it on TV or DVD.

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