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Trance – is a British thriller film released in 2013. Simon, an art auctioneer steals a painting along with his colleagues. While performing the heist he gets hit and loses his memory as of where he has kept the painting. His accomplice Frank employ a hypnotherapist help to get his memory back. Did they succeed in finding the lost painting is the rest of the plot.

The movie is directed by Danny Boyle. It is a psychological thriller that demands some serious viewing as there are dream sequences and real life time line with time line shifts. Without a serious viewing you might miss out on the plot. The screenplay is engaging right from the beginning. The director has been successful in maintaining the curiosity of the audience right from the word go. As the search for the painting continues there is a complex love triangle evolving between Simon, Elizabeth (the hypnotherapist) and Frank and the plot gets complex and unravels facts that lead to the end of the movie. If you are a fan of psychological thriller then you would love this movie, it is different and the plot is complex yet brilliant. The movie is R rated for its adult content.

Watchable – for all psychological thriller fans and those who love movies with a twist…!