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Pisasu Review

Pisasu Review – is a Tamil Horror movie released in 2014. A young musician tries saving a girl who had met with a road accident; she dies in the hospital when trying to tell him something. When he comes home strange things start happening at his home.

Director Mysskin has ventured into a new genre for himself. Pisasu has turned out as a very nice product at the end. The movie has a very convincing plot and very engaging screenplay. It is complete Mysskin show and you would see his trademark shot making as in his other movies. The long and continuous shots, characters spread out on the screen; dark shots with high tension are present in Pisasu as well.

Naga’s performance is very apt for the story. As his face is half covered with his hair there is an air of suspense in his emotions. This has worked well for the story. The climax of the movie has been done well. Certain aspects in the movies are left to the interpretation of the audience and you might feel it as incomplete at times like the visibility of the ghost when it appears and when it does not. There is also subtle humor in the first half of the movie when the three friends go on the search of finding ways to get rid of the ghost. The background score fits well for the screenplay.

High Points: With horror movies picking up in Tamil this cashes in as well, Screenplay is very engaging, performances by the lead actors, the twist in the tale, and horror story with a strong message

Low Points:  The visibility of the ghost has been used liberally and not consistent, thrills and chills are far apart

Overall Pisasu is a horror movie with a message. Its intent is not to scare you but to emotionally move you.


Onaayum Aattukkuttiyum

Onaayum Aattukkuttiyum – is a Tamil Crime Thriller released in 2013. One night a medical student finds a man lying on the road with a bullet wound. He risks the law and saves him by doing a surgical procedure all by himself. The unknown man later known as wolf escapes after the surgery and we come to know that he is a fugitive and a contract killer wanted by the police. Who is this wolf and why is he wanted by the police? Did the medical student and his family come out of the case? – is the rest of the plot.

Mysskin is known for his unique plot and different style of narration. Onaayum Aattukkuttiyum is no different. It has its thrilling and gripping moments that would keep the audience engaged for its most part. Ilayaraja’s background score is a great plus for the movie. Different camera angles and elaborate single shot narration which are typical Mysskin’s trademark can be seen in this movie as well. However as the story unfolds you feel that the suspense is dragged a tad bit longer and which is distraction for the viewer. The actual suspense turns out to be bleak for the amount of bloodshed that happens. Mysskin should concentrate more on the production quality of the movies he makes. Overall it is not a bad movie and would make a decent watch on television.

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