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Nautanki Saala

Nautanki Saala – is a romantic comedy film released in 2013. The story is based on a French movie Apr├Ęs Vous. Ram is a talented theater artist who has the nature of carrying his theatrical skills into real life to help people. One night he comes across Mandar who is trying to commit suicide. He saves him and takes up the responsibility to rebuild his life. They become friends and the movie is about how their friendship builds, the problem they run into and how they solve it.

I am a fan of Rohan Sippy’s movies like Bluff master, Dum Maaro Dum. Nautanki Saala has many of the ingredients of a Rohan Sippy movie. It has got wonderful sets, great songs and a new canvas for the plot. The concept of the movie is absolutely brilliant where the real life incidents relate to the scenes in the theatrical play of Ramayan. The characters bring real life to reel life and reel life to real life to solve their problems. However the movie misses the usual punch. With cast like Ayushman Khuranna and Kunaal Roy Kapoor coming from Vicky Donor and Delhi Belly respectively you expect a ROFL comedy. However the movie is able to do this only in parts and it slows down during the build up phase. Ayushman’s acting is bit flat as there is no much variation as the characters go through the emotional turmoil. Kunaal Roy Kapoor is a treat to watch he has a done a great job, the scenes involving him are hilarious. The adaptation to Indian scenario could have been done a little bit better with respect to the sets they look a tad bit foreign. Overall this movie definitely has something in it and deserves a one time watch. It is coming up on TV this weekend watch it if you are in a mood for a light romantic comedy.

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