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Neram – A comedy thriller movie which had been made in Tamil and Malayalam simultaneously. The plot revolves around Vetri who has lost his job just before his sisters wedding. He  borrows money from a goon, who is known for his cruel acts when people fail to repay the dues.  3 months  later he is not able to repay as he has not found a job. His girl friend comes out of her house as her father is planning to get her married to someone else. The goon is after Vetri. His brother in law is asking for the remaining dowry money. Vetri somehow manages to get money from his friend but on the way loses it to a roadside thief. He is at cross roads where he has to get his girl friend, get money to repay the goon and his brother in law all in a matter of few hours. Will he be able to do it is the rest of the story.

Although the plot is simple the handling is very novel and the director Alphonse Putharen has done a very neat job with the narration. The movie starts slowly and builds up pace as it moves forward and engages with the audience. You would see a lot of influence of Tarantino and Guy Ritchie style of narration in parts. The characterization is a big plus for the movie. All of the characters have played their part very well. The director has created a complex knot in the build up phase and he has handled the climax very well to remove the knots in a very dramatic and comical yet convincing fashion. The movie and its narration style are fresh for Tamil and Malayalam audience. New directors coming up with such different scripts is a very welcome change for Indian Cinema. Watch it for its novel treatment.


Friday Fundas: Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos – Dolby Atmos is the latest surround sound technology from Dolby Laboratories. Unlike its predecessor Dolby 7.1 it takes away the burden of mixing overheads from the movie makers. They need not now mix for specific set of speakers in a particular location in a theater. This can support up to 128 discrete audio tracks and 64 speakers. The power of the technology is that it can produce life like sound for movies. There are overhead speakers mounted on the ceiling which creates more immerse sound effects. This gives the option to pan the sound effects of helicopters and rain which would create much more realistic effect than before.

This technology was introduced in April 2012 and is fast picking. It is much better than the Aura sound technology. This was first employed in the movie Brave. Later many of the movie production houses are using it. This was first installed in the Dolby theater in California and is now becoming popular in many theaters world wide. In India SPI cinemas  is one of the cinema chains who are upgrading some of their cinemas with Dolby Atmos technology. This was employed in Indian movies Shivaji 3D, ABCD: Anybody can dance, Nautanki Saala and you will see this being used in the upcoming Tamil movies Thalaiva and Pizza II Villa as well. This technology is currently targeted for commercial cinema houses and later it might be made available for home cinemas.

Get ready to get immersed in a real life like sound.

Theeya Vela Seyyanum Kumaru

Theeya Vela Seyyanum Kumaru – A boy who is not good at impressing girls takes the help of a consultant who is an expert in helping men woo women. Does he succeed in this remains the rest of the plot.

The plot has certain similarities to the Hollywood movie Hitch however director Sundar C has given a very well local adaptation that is enjoyable. In 1996 Sundar C directed a movie Ullathai Alli Thaa, a blockbuster that made people laugh out loud without worrying about any logic. Screen play based on comedy has been the home turf for Sundar C and he is very good at it. In between he shifted to movies centered around action which did not give him the same amount of success and accolades his comedy scripts had given. Glad to have him back on his home turf doing comedy scripts. After Kalakalappu he gives yet another movie that will make you laugh throughout if you are willing to not think too much about any logic around the incidents. The biggest risk had been Siddarth essaying the character of a boy next door as he already has an image of a romantic hero. However pleasantly he had played the role very convincingly. Santhanam is the life line for the script and he lights up the scenes very well. If you are a fan of movies like Ullathai Alli Thaa and Kalakalappu, you would enjoy this one as well. Watch it and have a hearty laugh!