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Jilla – is a Tamil action drama released in 2013. Don Siva adopts the son of his driver after Sakthi and his father save don’s family in a fight. From then on Sakthi becomes the soul of Siva’s life and naturally evolves as a successor for Siva. Circumstances leads to a point were in Siva and Sakthi has to act against each other. Who wins remains the plot of Jilla.

The star cast has been the highlight of Jilla. Mohanlal and Vijay carry the story on their shoulders. Apart from the star cast there is nothing much left in the movie. The story feels very disconnected in the first half and the majority of the screenplay is written to please the fan following of Vijay and Mohanlal. In the effort of doing that there has not been any effort in building up for the plot. Director R T Neason did have some interesting screenplay at the end but he couldn’t build up the story towards it. You wait for almost 2 hours and 15 minutes before the climax sequence begins which has some interesting moments. You end up feeling so much for so less. Characters played by Kajal Agarwal, Poornima Jayaram seemed to be disconnected from the movie throughout. The menu of this pongal feast had been an interesting one but in the end you end up having below average taste in the main course till a delicious dessert is served in limited quantity. Many people might end up skipping the dessert.

What you would like: The star cast, climax sequence

What you would dislike: Length of the movie, unfitting songs, characters and sequences

Overall, Jilla is yet another forgettable mass masala movie from Vijay.

Can skip it


Thalaivaa – is a Tamil action drama starring Vijay. The story is about a youngster Vishwa who takes up the role of a local leader and don saving people living in the slum after learning about his father’s past and his assassination.

Director AL Vijay had a powerful story line inspired from movies like God Father, Nayagan and Sarkar (Hindi) which is tailor made for Vijay’s mass value. However the movie’s screenplay is a big let down and goes all over the place. The crux of the story is about Vishwa’s father his values and how his deeds and eventuality leads Vishwa to become an inspirational leader. However more than 90 minutes of the movie does not deal with this which is a huge distraction. Due to this the impact of the characters and the problem they are fighting for doesn’t stay with the audience throughout. You would feel that it is a combination of many of the Vijay’s earlier movies into one. Ardent Vijay fans would enjoy watching this as it has all the necessary ingredients that is present in all Vijay movies and there are few sequences that are done very well, for all others this would be a forgettable movie.

Can skip it – unless you are a Vijay Fan!