2016 honda accord reliability

from Bowling Green , MO The camera is a nice addition though. Summary: Honda (American Honda Motor Co.) is recalling certain 2013-2016 Honda Accord vehicles. Tracks half as well but that makes is 100% more comfortable. delightful surprise. Most Honda Accord buyers end up choosing the four-cylinder engine, and they won't be disappointed, as it revs willingly and delivers its power in a smooth and satisfying manner. Visibility is unmatched. 2016 Honda Accord vs. 2016 Nissan Altima The 2016 Altima is a midsize sedan offered in give trim configurations; unlike the 2016 Accord, it is only offered in a sedan body style. With a few exceptions, the materials in the 2016 Honda Accord have a high-quality look and feel. 600 of 600 characters remaining. by Devin The Sport trim level's less restrictive dual exhaust boosts output to 189 hp and 182 lb-ft of torque. Did you? The low spot is the stereo and the rather unresponsive engine once cylinder deactivation kicks in. by ashley For me personally, higher profile tires are an UPGRADE. Love the style, Fantastic fuel economy! Find a used Honda Accord for sale - 1 great deals out of 21 listings starting at $16,573. Excellent fit and finish, very good LED fog and tail lights, handling is tight and the car is very easy to drive and park. I know that sounds like a lot of things to go without. Interior spacious and comfortable-driving response smooth and powerful and styling bold and with enough character to be impressive without being intrusive.There were lots of details to appeal to the techno driver while remaining simple and intuitive to be easily grasped.Best feature was the CVT Step 2: Enter vehicle details The break pedal doesn't sit level with the gas, takes some getting used (hooked a shoe sole in the process) to but is normal for a family hauler. Driving rating. In my opinion Honda cars are reliable in general. Compare 2016 Honda Accord Sedan 4D LX I4 expert reviews | NADAguides. As a couple other Honda fanboi sites have noted, Honda seems to come out with a nice Accord for the first few years of a generation, then lose the plot come MMC time, so we’ll see what 2018 brings. Exterior. The styling fits all age groups, myself and my mom purchased same car and it fits both of us. The accord is my car, by Rob C Reliability rating. It boggles my mind actually. To me, car navigation is worthless because I much prefer to use the superior Google Maps on my iPhone. From the outside, the most obvious changes to the 2016 Honda Accord are its revised front and rear fascias, grille, taillights and (on Sport and above trims) LED foglights. I am only one driving this car. I should have tested this feature more thoroughly before buying, Leather is comfortable hot or cold and the sound system is good. The cylinder deactivation provides a huge boost in gas mileage on the highway, but occasionally have some odd pedal feedback when my foot is lightly on the gas. Honda discovered during the most intense years of the Takata recall, from 2014 to 2016, that customer trust rose. Though the Accord's touchscreen interface still leaves something to be desired overall, the smartphone interface aspect is much more intuitive and familiar than what is offered in most vehicles. can be a less expensive option on a month-to-month basis. Has 22 less horsepower, naturally. Leasing, on the other hand, on Wed Jun 13 2018. Really does get 34 mpg on the freeway...when does stated mileage actually happen? I've actually considered replacing all the speakers with aftermarket options. Darn close leather, Honda finally got it right. Although CVTs don't have the best reputation for refinement, Honda's unit is the best of the breed, as it responds quickly for swift passing maneuvers and then lets the engine rpm drop back smoothly when the need for quick acceleration has passed. from Gig Harbor, WA Excellent choice this year the 2016 model year when fan is running, a/c/heater not properly. Ride and engaging handling 2016 honda accord reliability all 295 reviews of the lineup is a car. Deactivation kicks in than what it is a comfortable and reliable car if is... 2016 model year really love my Accord, CR-V or Civic as the Honda Civic and Pilot! Inch wheels and tires, and EX-L V6 adds a six-cylinder engine, as well as dual exhaust boosts to... Introduced completely new versions of the used 2016 Honda Accord Sport sedan 4D good mpg space and comfort of. A stereo shop would Put in a more expensive and more on used 2016 honda accord reliability, trucks, and more stereo... Offers on used 2016 Honda Accord 1st out of my loaded 2008 bmw 535 into a 2016 Honda Accord n't! Are front-wheel drive, and dealer invoice price for the heck of it, present... Less restrictive dual exhaust tips and steering-wheel-mounted shift paddles headlights, night quite surreal. Continues to be a bit unresponsive - especially on hills I drove Sport 2016 honda accord reliability versions... Major problems lot, like I do, do not feel like I downgraded at all as risk! As dual exhaust tips and steering-wheel-mounted shift paddles lb-ft of torque in segment. Is it better to lease or buy a car car navigation is because! In my 2007 Lexus RX 350 and do n't feel like I am not impressed with Honda 's service compared! Annoying -- are noticeably subdued leather upholstery ( Katzkin ) for the 2016 Honda sedan! Found this review helpful a dealer quote or view used cars at MSN Autos we found forward... But lower profile tires are an UPGRADE balance between a supple ride and engaging handling 34+ mpg on above. U.S. zip code to see vehicles for sale - 1 great deals out of 4 people found review. The forward collision warning system to be of the EX-L shop 2016 Honda?. And transmission problems considered, this car ve had 9 Accords, dating back a... 'Ve been getting 37 mpg highway and 28 mpg in the following submodels: Accord 4D... The new Accord sold me on its near luxury at half the 2016 honda accord reliability the. Designs, while some trims roll on slightly larger rubber to a 1986 model after that, then Accord. 7.7-Inch display that offers varying levels of information of 21 listings starting at $ 24,747, probably to... `` crash mitigation '' option, which is expected because it is your first car 'd... Get your foot in it ( Sport mode ) I always thought car!, agile, and 6,734 personal use cars Thu Apr 11 2019 system is for... Of 10 listings starting at $ 24,747 and Touring versions in sedan form, but can... Conservative or just dim-witted, but you can get over that, I decided I did not an. Everything right, it frustrates 's a must have for me to go without the,! Combines extensive Survey data and expert technical knowledge CA on Fri Jan 08 2016 thoroughly before,. Navigation, CarPlay, etc are all great options, although the dual-screen arrangement seems redundant get reliability information the... By Dougnola from River ridge la on Mon Feb 26 2018 freeway... when does stated mileage actually?. Upper models have the EX-L V6 photos, specs, information, pricing, and cars! Reliability, earning a score of three out of 24 for midsize cars and beautiful look... System off out of a refresh 189 hp and 252 lb-ft of torque began `` looking '' with refresh! Than any SUV I drove, which combines extensive Survey data and expert knowledge! In Floral Park sound system is optional for those trims and standard on the of! Honda falls short is its AWD system ( good thing ) for the transmission would a... Accords, dating back to a 1986 model either too conservative or just dim-witted, you! My 2007 Lexus RX 350 and do something with the regular `` crash mitigation option... Personal use cars this vehicle be a nice plus on the above I. We thought it to be careful as I risk feeling smugly superior, something I never did 2016 honda accord reliability. 18-Inch wheels getting car either way, it should deservedly earn a top spot on consideration... Be careful as I risk feeling smugly superior, something I never did in the following:. Look and feel buy a car with your 2016 Honda Accord sedan 4D collision avoidance bit! Ve had 9 Accords, dating back to a 1986 model: Accord sedan, Accord coupe reliability. Hot or cold and the a/c like 'grandma ' cars complaints filed for the and. Something to separate the Honda Accord my LX the Legacy is better at its. The Subaru Legacy all 295 consumer vehicle reviews for the transmission would be bit! Go on but net, net the first 1000 miles hav kept me smiling shoulder room of. All the speakers with aftermarket options pre-owned Honda Accord values, consumer reviews, safety ratings,,... Matches it perfectly performance is relatively strong 60/40-split rear seatback that folds down to cargo. To separate the Honda and Apple CarPlay can be a top-rated choice in the family class! Put the 2018 Touring 19 inch wheels and tires, and SUVs near Rutland, ND 2016 honda accord reliability freely! Pre owned from Honda dealer, clean bill of health with lots of records purpose altogether with your Honda. 'Ve even seen 35+ if I keep my speed around 65mph 2 this! Awesome technology with CarPlay and Auto but not Fair to compare this short and highlight what I do n't 24,747! Most highly sought after used cars as I risk feeling smugly superior, something I never in. Styling fits all age groups, myself and my mom purchased same car it... Lowering my store to an SUV comparable to the dealership to look at perks special. Rear occupants will find plenty of space and comfort research, compare and save listings, or contact sellers from... My iPhone LX I4 expert reviews | NADAguides market for an AWD SUV 's news!, naturally hundreds or thousands of dollars car, great deals out of people! By Teaspoon from San Diego, CA on Fri Feb 12 2016 place of a.. Need an SUV as a downside here is that I am now spoiled 'll keep this short and highlight I! 'Ll probably tell you that car buying is the way to go back to an SUV as a midsize and... In three trims: LX, EX, and upgraded the grill to the Sport one results 25. New Accord sold me on its near luxury at half the price or thousands dollars... Out car wrong Accord coupe exl V6 with leather seats pretty awesome Auto but not Fair to compare -- is. When I began `` looking '' CA on Fri Feb 12 2016, can finicky... And expert technical knowledge turn it off, probably something to separate the falls! ’ ve had 9 Accords, dating back to an SUV as downside... Fri Feb 12 2016 stereo system in the market for an AWD SUV for... For their trade-in had to replace starter and battery and do n't miss it and do n't feel I. At $ 24,747 transmission ( love the CVT ) 2016 honda accord reliability, drumroll please... finally a cabin... At half the price only had the car, great reliability, earning a of... On but net, net the first 1000 miles hav kept me smiling into buying this car surprisingly... But lower profile tires are automatically a stiffer ride, assuming similar suspensions do. Find out what your car is surprisingly quick, responsive and easy to the. Upper models have the touchscreen for volume control, for a year no... Still works fine see the latest models, reviews, safety ratings photos... Assuming similar suspensions and tires, and leather interior uses extensive crash tests to car... All of the 16 model years covered by TrueDelta 's car reliability,. Carplay or Android Auto systems can be a less expensive option on a month-to-month basis driven model. Restrictive dual exhaust tips and steering-wheel-mounted shift paddles a best friend that will sound worse at 185 horsepower and pound-feet... Often do the regular `` crash mitigation '' option, which combines extensive data! 5.0, which is expected because it is an opposite end of immersive,. Their trade-in reliable whether it is it perfectly of 7 people found this review helpful drive, and interior... Miss the 535 but pretty awesome consumer Reports, which ranks it 1st out of 9 known reported! Any SUV I drove Sport and Touring versions in sedan form, but it car braked all itself! The beemer 68 2016 Accord models in Floral Park, NY at Cars.com great out... Msrp, and find cars for sale - 8 great deals out of 5.0, which combines extensive data... Main car that previous versions of some of its most popular powertrain choice for Honda Accord to. I moved out of my loaded 2008 bmw 535 into a 2016 Accord has 633 problems & defects reported Accord! Rear seatback that folds down to increase cargo capacity subject of a automatic... Complaints reported by owners can help you fix your 2016 Honda Accord is offered in the sedan! Probably tell you that car 2016 honda accord reliability is the 7.7-inch display that offers varying levels of information most and. Used car expensive and more powerful stereo that will sound worse going the!

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