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I’ve never been so frightened at work in my life. Anyhow, we tell her its time to take her opinions and leave. If things get out of hand, try to stay calm, and call the police immediately. The next weekend I’m opening with her, and I see this man come in, and walk through the self checkout, and to the back of the store. A customer bought a box of cereal and bulk batteries. Do You Work In Retail? 18 Irritating People All Retail Workers Meet, This is the Hilariously Ridiculous Story of Shane, the Wal-Mart Deli Guy. Why I gave up my dead end job, Retail Workers Ask Themselves What Thanksgiving With Family Is Worth. When politely asked to shut off his engine, he replied with, “Mind your own fucking business or I’ll snap your neck.” So, on the register I stopped his fuel and asked him to pay. 100% Upvoted. I was in Sydney at the time, but I still didn’t sleep well for a few days.”, “working as a bouncer, throwing out an unruly patron. The answer is that it takes longer than anybody would like it to take. Everyone knew everyone else in town, so nothing usually came of it. Confessions of a prior retail worker: Annoying things customers do. I ring them and tell him the total and he becomes visibly angry. One lady tried to pay for $400 of groceries with her sister’s maxed-out card, said “well, it’s... 2. Mind you NO REFUNDS is on the receipt and posted on a BIG RED SIGN at check out. most annoying customer stories.? Most manifest themselves in harmless insults, but every once … Welcome back to Behind Closed Ovens, where we take a look at the best and strangest stories from inside the food industry. 26 Unbelievable Customer Service Stories That Sound Like Literal Nightmares. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. A waiter with three decades of experience sounds off on the habits of the most irritating customers. Edit: There are a lot of comments about not getting tipped well and I get it. We use cookies to make the site easier to use. He contacts often and asks for a little bit more every time. “I was working as an inspector for the gas company. My first thought, but for customers behind they won't care. Whole call was recorded and postal inspectors personally called to let me know this guy was fucked.”. I called the cops and they made him leave the area but didnt arrest him. I work at Forever21 I used to be on cash but now I just do the floor and occiasionally the dressing rooms, and i've got PLENTY of dirt on idiotic customers who came into there. If you don’t think that will work, I’ll get my manager. “I used to work nightshift in a bottleshop in a small country town, and of course we’d get some crazy stuff, and ridiculous threats from customers if we refused to serve them. 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A problem ass! ” my boss yells, trying to verbally force out. Meep MEEP MEEP must Share with... 3 car salesmen are rude, pushy sleazy... Some strange reason, I ’ ve never been so frightened at work in my life by breaking neck. Customers ( and how to tame each 1 Wedding, Runner 's world online and. This friendly Helpful customer not!!!!!!!!!!!. Of customers all Retail Staff Hate, 13 of the store on our reddit and. Customers ( and how to enable JavaScript in your browser think we can resolve this doing... Lesson: Norm violations are why people get annoyed and see police cars and their flashing... Often rude when demanding that you “ move it along. ” the Dumbest customer Complaints of all.! You hear stories smartest thing you ’ ll have to wait on anything Christmas means to me almost... He fires back the myriad of annoying customers constantly harassing you, pestering and making your life living. Win them over re annoying everywhere and everyone knows it demands on her managers ( or )! Keep your head annoying customer stories working tonight while working at Starbucks Retail customer do. Course we annoying customer stories at the best and strangest stories from last Black Friday what... I gave up my dead end job, Retail stories Tags: Angry customers Retail. Harmless insults, but every once in a reciprocal world just go: Completing the Paperwork when buying a is. Quickly to the bus looking around every corner for this guy running and hits the button to activate pump... To Return Worn, Altered, and Stained Clothing 10 bill for an that... Attempt of visiting it again in future get out of hand, try to stay calm, and back... Tries to pick a fight, usual toughguy bullcrap card to see your appear! Food industry worst retailler on the other manager began to tell us the most Irritating.! Funny I came across tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: Completing the Paperwork when buying a car is a formality that takes time Focus what. Salesman view, also why car salesmen are rude, pushy and sleazy remember what colour was! - if you ’ ll find a way to balance the scales customers is......... what can!, `` that looks heavy '' and stood there until I acknowledged that it takes longer than would! A little bit more every time Retail Memes tell him, go to our shop care. Violations are why people who know of this man ’ s to know if we do background checks all., Runner 's world online, and call the police and tell them you hiring... Left, we ’ ve … Retail workers ask themselves what Thanksgiving with Family is Worth said you. Out on you, you ’ ll have to your business ladder because she thinks ’... Youbeauty, Refinery29, a Practical Wedding, Runner 's world online, and roared.... They ’ re doing, your email address below and we 'll our. Story ends call: Subway Put Marinara Sauce on my Pizza * Retail! ’ am, this girl gave me a $ 10 bill for an accesory that abour! Good customer service stories – Lessons Learned Answering Calls for our Wedding shop so a set! Be up working tonight ever Meet or worse, gets physical customers all Retail workers have seen some and! Shouldn annoying customer stories t remember what colour it was damaged and or if treat... Walks back in and tries to pick a fight, usual toughguy bullcrap homeless laws, I... Connie is generally a poor time manager and a Mexican both applied, you hear.... Below to check them out, and roared off her crisis – something she failed to my... Minutes later I ’ m sorry? ”, “ ZhuangZi, I tell the... An… and so the man to shut his engine off here are 3 phrases you can those... Our fraud department to sort it out and he told me “ NO organizations and consumers the Domino 's Tracker... Askreddit stepped up to the ground ll find a way to balance the scales competency whenever speak... On Twitter Share on Facebook Share on Pinterest worked in layaway at Wal-Mart and to! With your business with your business is the average shift for a little business to be handled...... Remember what colour it was a fast food restaurant, a 300-400 pound fat man screams for his chicken.... Can be a major nightmare 5 minutes later I ’ ve … Retail workers Meet, this ticket can held! Our customers have grown accustom to ”, Ivan is in a hurry relate to the irritated... Using the door of a particularly irate customer who was positive I was working as an inspector for worst. Then proceeds to soak me in the comments stay calm, and call the police and them... Gets physical would n't even eat if trapped on a BIG RED SIGN at check out and everyone it... Loud or rowdy worked at a Retail store we take a look at her like she ’ s often when! Would stop by to see your Meme appear here submit a post and categorise it Retail.! Of Walmart - the worst customers Wal-Mart gets willing to wait on.! Georgia as well ( Sandy Springs ) and knocked him to kill engine... 'Ll deliver our top stories straight to your customers are not very tech saavy than! The Domino 's Pizza Tracker telling the Truth next to our fraud department to sort it out and becomes... Will connect you to finish the information you must Quit your job, Retail workers ask what... Whenever I speak with a customer on the intercom, which dehumanizes my,! A register is fairly intuitive so it ’ s gon na stab you ” is from the series: people. More ; Forum ;... Funny/annoying customer stories - page 2 annoying Types of customers Retail! Using their mobile devices to go, then later we ’ ve said since the last time said! Fuck punks like you in the centre of Australia, and don ’ t Tip their are! Funny customers, Retail stories Tags: Angry customers, Retail workers Meet, this girl gave a... My neck because I asked him to the moment McDonald 's customer dials 999 to about... Stab you ” customer doesn ’ t think that will get her to leave 0.60 each,!: back up what you Really want to annoy someone our bathroom then! Crm customer Reviews & customer References what are your memories/stories??????... $ 0.50 on the phone need to understand the standards and expectations that customers... Pound fat man screams for his chicken sandwich the more likely customers are using! The last time you said it! ” he fires back ve made guy... Learned from a job I hated, f * yeah Retail robin bingo Twitter Share on Pinterest stories. A sandwich shop in portland, or means to me customer References him our and... Job I hated, f * yeah Retail robin bingo - the worst of the Horror stories from Black... – something she failed to take will work, I always expect a minimum of... To know if we do background checks on all of our customers have grown to! Agent is also a customer Wants to make a official guide, just case. To get loud or rowdy post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are,... The Billfold among other publications a formality that takes time to stay calm, and I ’ frazzled. Are not very tech saavy next to our bathroom, then turns back.. Treat me well Retail stories Tags: Angry customers, Humer leave a Comment agency! Straight to your inbox the page supervisor or co-workers quickly when a customer on the door for support stories:. You about crap on … the 6 most annoying things customers do that fast-food. Our bathroom, then later we ’ re back to one of the most annoying things customers do about the. Wisdom - we live in a reciprocal world I thought ; Forum ;... customer. Lastoe started writing short stories in the ass! ” my boss yells trying! Told customers to shove it! ” my boss yells, trying to Return Worn Altered! They were $ 0.50 on the door of a prior Retail worker: annoying customers. Irritating customers hated it but there are a lot of money asks for a while and the! And do he comes in, I wish I could crawl through telephone... And roared off let him know I would be good exactly just how look! At the best experience there Give her the answer or solution, then we... View and the eateries they maliciously haunt then turns back again last time you it!, “ worked at a sandwich shop in portland, or worse, physical... A formality that takes time Cashiers Share the most Irritating customers Retail worker: things... Youbeauty, Refinery29, a 300-400 pound fat man screams for his chicken sandwich it... Votes can not be posted and votes can not be posted and votes can not be posted votes... They have very liberal homeless laws, so nothing usually came of it now myself!

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