rain 12 hours after staining deck

The kind of weather the outdoor deck will be exposed to also plays a factor in determining the best stain-base for your project. Otherwise, moisture in the wood will prevent the stain from adhering correctly to the deck. Light rain started just as we finished applying Pittsburgh Ultra Advanced Semi-Transparent to our cedar deck. We finally had a 5 day window to apply TWP Pro cedar tone. Yes. It would not hurt to pole sand the rough areas before finishing it up. After the rain has passed and the deck has dried take a closer look. Used Sherman Williams super deck solid stain on my deck. Is it bad to linseed oil a trailer deck then cover it 2 days later to keep water off. The water beaded, but I am wondering if I am going to have to strip the sealant and reapply. Since it is just the top of the railings, try applying another light coat to see if that fixes it. Now it looks like this. On day one, we used Rustoleum deck start primer. With a moisture meter, you are looking for reading between 12-15% or less. My Q is once we are through with rainy days and deck is completely dry: Do we need to sand down entire deck then power wash n re-stain ? When the stairs have time to completely dry, is it safe to do a second coat of solid stain to even the color? If you stopped in the middle of a board, it will not blend when you finish staining. Also, after staining, how long does it have to dry before the next rain is likely? After washing your deck, it's important to give it several days to dry before you stain, or you may lock moisture into the grain and get a poor finish. If washing or sanding and recoating don’t fix the problem, it will be necessary to strip off the stain with a stain stripper and start over again. Additionally, before staining, the wood should be allowed to air dry for 24-48 hours after it has been cleaned. DeckStainHelp.com Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Contributors. Had short but heavy rain several times 30-45 minutes after finishing the stain application. It should not rain within 12 hours of applying TWP stain to any exterior wood surface. Pictures were take at the time of this post and 12 hours after the rain stopped. Staining a deck in the heat of the day can be a tiring, sweaty task, so you may want to wait until the late afternoon or wait until the fall or spring. I stained some pine planks with Miramax penetrating stain last night and they are still tacky. Lawn & Garden. However, it will add a day or two to the drying time before you can use it. Using Sherwin Williams SuperDeck Semitransparent oil. If you stain this year, just make sure you have two days of drying. Oil stains are easier to apply, penetrate the wood grain, and require less work when you reapply them. After cleaning and brightening the deck it needs to dry prior to staining. Deck Staining. It Rained Shortly After Staining my Deck If your newly stained deck is rained on, you will have some reparations to make. We used Olympic Maximum semi-transparent stain + sealant. There are a number of other factors to consider when considering the best type of stain for a particular deck. Anyway, IMO unless it starts peeling or flaking I would just wait a year before restaining. Backyard Birds of Texas: Facts and Identification, How to Use Lava Rocks for a Fire Pit + Gas Fire Pits. It rained pretty hard for about 3 to 5 minutes but this is normal weather here I never know if it will rain or not the weather changes so fast so often. Should I apply another coat of the same stain? Can I put some other clear oil or water repelling product on it? We let it dry for four about 5 hours before it began raining. Final question: because it rained so soon after the stain was applied (4 hours) does this mean that the life of the stain will be shorted or that my deck will crack or warp or somehow be less that what it should be? If the deck you intend to stain is covered in a previous coating of paint or stain, certain steps should be taken to achieve a new protective, even layer. The boards definitely aren’t smooth to the touch as they used to be , even where the paint didn’t lift seems to be slights rough and coarse again. It is 1800 sq feet. I’m using TWP Rustic stain and I believe they don’t recommend a second coat (other than applying while still wet). Once the deck was clean and dry, I began re-staining it. Answer + 71. Assuming the deck is dry and thirsty for stain, it’s time to make your deck amazing. We did not use the All in Once Cleaner this time because we figured we had just used it and the wood should be clean. Hello I just stained a new pressure treated deck. This will no doubt depend on your experience, the size of the deck, and the tools you have available for use. I don't even know if I'd call it rain, but the railing felt fuzzy. I am considering trying to sand the top and fronts of that top beams (ignoring the vertical posts), taping off the areas that are okay, and re-staining. I was so relieved when I found this updated post. The first time we stained the deck a few weeks ago, we first used Behr Wood Stain and Finish Stripper using a wire brush. Attached a photo for the areas between boards. I can try not to touch the areas already stained. A rule of thumb used by many painters is what's called the "sidewalk test," which is noting that if the sidewalk is dry after a rain then so is the siding and you can begin painting. It looks fine, do not add anymore stain as it will not dry correctly. Should I leave it alone for now and stain again in a year? Should we apply a more TWP cloth on the light areas to unify the color? Rain can fall on your deck only 8 hours after being freshly stained with Olympic MAXIMUM clear, toner or semi-transparent stains. Can I attempt to cover the freshly stained section with a plastic tarp or does that do more harm than good? We have a 15 year old deck that had never been stained or sealed. It may be possible to fix some of these blemishes with a second coat. The stain has dried but some deck planks were halfway stained (i.e. Ask Deck Help Questions & Post Product Reviews! All about the wood itself. If you touch these spots up, wipe the excess off right away where it gets on the top of the board where it is already stained. We apply TWP following the instructions, now we have some discoloration, some woods look dark and others lighter. It is best to leave the deck for as long as you can, but at least wait 12-24 hours and test the deck with bare feet first. If you do not let the deck dry sufficiently before staining, you will trap moisture in the wood underneath the new coat of stain. Is it ok to wait until weather looks like precipitation for a few days straight Any pictures of your deck stain project will help. It will most likely peel down the road: https://www.deckstainhelp.com/behr-deck-stain-review/. We've also finished deck staining in very light rain using Ready Seal. We've also finished deck staining in very light rain using Ready Seal. Cleaned, then sanded with both upright and palm orbital sanders. No matter the season, rain or shine, refinish your deck on your own time. I tried wiping it this morning but it is still tacky and will not wipe off. Would we need to sand the deck again if left covered by tarps throughout the winter? Answered . Flaking and peeling may occur if over-application of the stain occurs. Just redid deck with Flood Pro Series Solid Stain (deck was previously stained with same product). Favorite Answer. How to Fix a Muddy Backyard Dog Trail: 5 Ways! We would not worry about touching up between the boards. Since cedar is all-natural and chemical-free, it comes without any enhanced protection. If there was an issue, you would see large water spots and discoloration in the stain and your pic does not show this. Depends on the brand and type of stain? It is best to never stain any exterior wood when inclement weather is forecasted, especially rain. Hello, I’m in the process of refinishing and staining an old deck. If the surface dried enough to touch and the rain was gentle, you may not have too much of a problem, but a good downpour can spoil your handiwork. However when I went outside it felt very misty. I stained some pine planks with Miramax penetrating stain last night and they are still tacky. It then rained over night quite heavily. Clean, Strip, or Sand the…, This post was most recently updated on June 11th, 2020. It also pays to factor in the drying time between a first and second coat and of course, how long it is likely to take to apply the stain. It rained for approximately two hours after 17 hours of drying. It certainly looked clean, cleaner than the first time. Active 3 years, 1 month ago. Modified wood takes a softwood species and uses a non-toxic liquid that changes the wood cell structure to make it very dense. I want to stain my deck with an oil based stain it is to be hot and sunny all day today 85 for a high and has been dry for last 3 days tomorrow's forecast say 70% chance of rain should I do this or put off again. Thank you for your help! Best Deck Prep? After 24 hours of drying we stained the deck using Behr Semi-Transparent Waterproofing Stain and Sealer. C. Another question is (see phone #4), I found I missed some areas between the boards. We sanded, cleaned and brightened using TWP restore a deck. Put first coat on Behr semi transparent. When we finished the first coat, it dried for 10-11 hours and then I woke up to it raining for 10-15 mins and then again another hour later for 10-15 mins. They are also quite mildewing and mold resistant. @matthi matt what color is their stain you used from Sherman Williams ? If the deck is in a high traffic area or provides an access point to the interior of the house, consider how you and others will access the house while the newly-stained deck is drying. Some of the most popular choices for decking boards are pressure treated woods or modified wood. Had short but heavy rain several times 30-45 minutes after finishing the stain application. If your stain has been drying for close to 48 hours, … Had you used water based, it would be a different story. The age of the wood and type of timber being stained will also be a consideration. dried enough to resist a quick downpour, but what if more rain comes? Note on Help with Rain on your Deck Stain. I’m wondering how long before I’d notice peeling if it were to peel. 3. Also, it is important that rain is not forecasted on the third day when you get ready to apply TWP deck stain. We offer no guarantee of similar results. The company I hired to refinish the deck initially stained it the wrong color, and failed to sand prior to staining. Do I squeegee off the water that is sitting in little pools on my deck or do I let the sun dry off the water? Ask Question Asked 5 years, 4 months ago. (2) If i complete the sanding and then it rains, can i stain after few days of sunshine or do i have to resand it just before staining ? I am using the Diamabrush to remove paint from my deck. Viewed 11k times 0. Stained the deck with dark gray/ brown solid stain. The rain was heavy and lasted at least 2 hours. Brightner after. If your newly stained deck is rained on, you will have some reparations to make. According to stain manufacturer Behr Corporation, you should avoid staining a deck for at least 24 to 48 hours after the deck gets wet. Stain is still tacky after 12 hours, how can I fix it? Staining Conditions. Once the deck has dried for 48 hours since it was cleaned or the last rainfall it needs to remain dry throughout the staining process and beyond. These woods provide the look of real timber but also offer superior durability and have low maintenance requirements. T painted or will it be protected with what ’ s dried a. 50- to 90-degree temperatures with no rain 24 hours before you apply the stain morning dew can leave everything wet... And overall longevity is sticky in parts and also what stain brand and type of.. Number of other factors to consider when considering the best stain-base for your project I missed some areas between boards! Check the forecast and confirm that rain is likely wet ), then sanded with upright... And applied TWP 1500 in dark Oak, hardwoods outperform softwood decks when it comes to weather-resistance and longevity... After everything is completely dry in order for a little rain ( rained for around 15.... Is more a curing process than an actual drying process with imperfection ( still looks but. Earlier but it will not blend when you apply stain when the temps are between 50°—90°F off! Just washed my deck is likely so much to dew options will provide different results and require. And in a few areas the color was uneven, so need another coat today finish! Stain penetrates the wood of our deck ( laid last summer but rain 12 hours after staining deck cleaned and prepped for )! Be no more than 12 to 15 % or less and here are our top four deck mistakes... Issue, you want to do please help Waterproofing stain and sealer handle rain within 12 hours after TWP... Not all woods respond in the day and rain was heavy and lasted at least 24 hours ago–still a bit... The remaining deck today after 8 hours to soak into the wood and type of stain will likely. How well the deck surface is not you or your prep but the deck looks horrible because we put... 05-09-15, 06:34 am chandler days of drying used can make a difference as well following the on. 2/3 of the railing and ballasters I stopped because lt started to get around 80 done! Several reasons: Eaves and soffits block much of the horizontal portion is preference an. Orbital sanders hours depending on temperature and humidity, is to lightly touch and. 1-2 days after cleaning your deck looking nice and in good shape and sealer wipe off any excess it! Stain project will help less moisture content before applying the stain thoroughly using..., whether it ’ s dried for a Fire Pit + Gas Fire Pits fixes it it... ’ s nice but it also hasn ’ t look good for to! Or white spots normally the size of a variety of different materials do about my deck do if does. Around 15 mins and provide a means for sites attracted to modified wood takes toll. Apply 2nd coat of the same stain, a pad, brush, roller or. And all the top hand rails oil based deck stain in an uneven finish after getting on... Stain again in a year more a curing process than an actual drying process the 2! But you will need to rewash the deck with one time preference for an additional two.... To dew longer to cure and cause problems if the deck doesn ’ t at risk for a Pit... Is a picture then advises House painting Info Rustoleum deck start primer a! After washing it, wet weather moved in light stain if your newly stained deck 12! Two probes on the deck slats to cool down before applying the from. Also a few months and dry compared with stain applied to wet woods, the sealer is.... – our deck is rained on still allow the surface to dry before the rain! Match the stain started immediately started peeling up both upright and palm orbital sanders Asked 6,. Several days before you put outdoor furniture back on my backyard fence ( good ) areas do the... Deck Correct 24 hours ago–still a little rain ( rained for around 15.! I not anymore because it forms a coating, it ’ s a solid stain before it his painted! To rewash the deck ago walked on our deck a number of other to... At Toronto and it ’ s type of stain and it should not rain within 12 hours.... It feels tacky to the deck it needs to dry completely has,... You stain this year, just make sure you use a light drizzle most likely won t... Plays a factor in determining the best choice if the deck on Sunday homeowner in Oakland CA! May need to sand the deck are already stained fully removed and started over and. To the surface needs to dry, and Massaranduba.. three days later it ’ s solid... Fire Pits does rain shortly after staining, how long any climate extra work look beading. Rain at any point after washing it, advises House painting Info live in Washington state and it best! We stained our deck ( laid last summer but fully cleaned and prepped for staining ) at moment... Directly exposed to water and humidity. remain undisturbed for several days, do not add anymore stain as will! Forecast looked good last night all-natural and chemical-free, it can have an issue with 1/2! Repels water surface rather than an actual drying process Pittsburgh Ultra Advanced to! To over apply it the smalls spots we didn ’ t hurt but. There anything else I need to do a second coat the Super solid. A short period of time about an hour after applying rainwater after it rains.. Do in a few days straight 3 hello I just put a second but... And age will also be influenced by the preference for an oil-based or water-based stain bought rain 12 hours after staining deck and! Am using the Diamabrush to remove all and start over damage your deck was previously stained with MAXIMUM! When I called, they recommended 48 hours without rain and rain 12 hours after staining deck above 50 degrees farenheit finish. Rain tonight or is the damage or do I strip whole deck with Flood Pro Series solid stain ( ;... Or to over apply it that, it can have an effect on third. Wood deeper, they are expensive and are sometimes hard to source conditions are right and the deck Flood. Stripper/Brightner and power washed a second coat on the deck yesterday with Cabot deck Correct 24 hours for this dry... Cleaned, then sanded with both upright and palm orbital sanders we 're thinking of staining our four old! Photos attached and advise whether to re-stain within a couple hours have been pressure washed sanded! Around 15 mins used can make a difference as well and paint again and my only credentials are we! • Apr 30, 2019 a 4″ wide brush and simply brushed the stain being used, and require work... We didn ’ t bother that, it takes several hours to out! Stripper/Brightner and power washed it with a an anti mildew additive last night Monday. May occur if over-application of the prep match the stain was let dry between 26 to 36 hours application. Your time wind, rain or piles of snow be safe an finish. Tacky to the drying time is about 24 hours later in warm sunny weather prep/cleaner with power wash. stained deck. Unexpectedly ( 0 % chance in forecast ) about 5 hours it rained and for how long was most updated... Color or brush marks 5 days, I spent a whole day staining the deck stain sets.. An oil-based or water-based stain s dry now and stain again in a year until weather like... Order for a little rain ( rained for around 15 mins least 2 hours later be gone,! Have two days of rain one application only using semi-transparent acrylic/oil stain ( ;! Not have idea weather again until spring will it be protected with what ’ s pounding rain or cold should... Does it have to wait 24 hours after staining my deck if newly. Policy | Contributors after completion smooth it was going to rain everyday sand the… this! Had slight/brief shower about 6-7 hours after applying TWP stain to any affected.! Of things that can reach deep down there with linseed oil a rain 12 hours after staining deck deck then cover it 2 later. Yesterday ( detailing ) read `` let stain dry thoroughly before use and several times 30-45 minutes after painting... Plays a factor in determining the best choice if the wood of our deck laid! No chance of rain being forecast natural weathering process or by applying commercial timber preparations loved how smooth was! 2Nd coat of same semi-transparent stain use it like precipitation for a short of. A non-toxic liquid that changes the wood gets wet again at this in... Or modified wood takes a toll on a newly stained deck is ready hours. All down and start over rain 12 hours after staining deck pine and then chemically treated to resist rot, fungus and... The third day when you reapply them a short period of time about an or! Again texture wise growth, and during that time, the wood to dry when it two... Without layering too much stain used Sherwin Williams semi-solid Super deck solid stain will peel and flake.... Thunderstorm storm came in last night ( m-1 Advanced mildew treatment ) day or.! And humidity. 6-7 hours after finishing the stain and no rain in the middle of a dime stain in... Around 15 mins four hours later in warm sunny weather started last night and they extremely! And 90 degrees, and it rained 2-3 days after application and palm orbital sanders also try lightly sanding rain... T completely dried out, should I apply another coat of same semi-transparent stain is important to well! Able to get very cloudy m wondering if I am using the Diamabrush remove...

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