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Entrepreneurship has a tremendous impact on the economic development of a country, so much that entrepreneurship is seen as a solution for the fast changing economic demands worldwide and has been recognized as a path to sustainable economic development. A youth entrepreneurship curriculum for grades 1-12 that anyone can teach. entrepreneurship curriculum should motivate entrepreneurial development especially because the curriculum is the basic tool and instrument for the conveyance of entrepreneurial learning experiences to students. 1 Preface By Carl J. Schramm, Kauffman Foundation President and CEO In January 2006, the Kauffman Foundation convened a multidisciplinary panel of distinguished educators to think with us and advise us about the Cleveland: ELI Press. Looking for remote learning resources? Due to the global technological change leading to competition and the demand for quality personnel with Keywords: entrepreneurship, curriculum, review process, critical skills, foundational courses 1. Click for activities. Choose how you’d like to use VentureLab curriculum to get started: Non-Commercial Use. an unlikely entrepreneur. 256 MB USB Flash Drive. Other materials distributed through Moodle and as class handouts. Introduction This research is a comparative study of how the entrepreneurship curriculum is developed and reviewed in two selected universities, one in Botswana and the other one in Zimbabwe. Along with the standards, the Toolkit contains background information on Entrepreneurship Education and the Lifelong Learning Model for Entrepreneurship Education, sample applications of the standards, and The following outlines the themes with the corresponding learning outcomes: SENIOR 4 Theme 1: Entrepreneurial Culture By the end of this theme, learners should exhibit desirable qualities of an entrepreneur. The entrepreneurship curriculum at A Level is organized into 6 major themes. For use in programs offered at no cost to participants, including tuition. 2. Despite recognition of entrepreneurship … Entrepreneurship has become a buzzword The National Vocational Training Institute curriculum and course, specification in Entrepreneurship is designed to meet the current unemployment situation in Ghana. curriculum for entrepreneurship programs as a lifelong learning process. K to 12 BASIC EDUCATION CURRICULUM SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL – APPLIED TRACK SUBJECT K to 12 Senior High School Applied Track Subject – Entrepreneurship December 2013 Page 2 of 7 CONTENT CONTENT STANDARD PERFORMANCE STANDARD LEARNING COMPETENCIES CODE 1.2.1 Analyze the market need; 1.2.2 Determine the possible product/s or Goals . I.2.B, “Becoming an Entrepreneur” HANDOUT I.2.C, “Profile 1: Entrepreneur of the Year” HANDOUT I.2.D, “Profile 2: Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year” HANDOUT I.2.E, “Profile 3: College Entrepreneur of the Year” LESSON 3: Characteristics of an Entrepreneur The aim of the Entrepreneurship 30 curriculum is to provide students with opportunities to: • to acquire knowledge and develop skills necessary to plan and begin a venture, and • to appreciate the role that entrepreneurs play in our society and economy. neurship_skills_HGF.pdf Disrupting beliefs: A new approach to business model innovation Mark de Jong and Menno van Dijk in McKinsey Quarterly July 2015 DLWO: Entrepreneurship – Business Model Innovation The Four steps to Epiphany – Successful Strategies for Products that Win Steven Blank (2006) DLWO: Entrepreneurship Definitions of Entrepreneurship •Creation of a new venture (Gartner, 1988) •Change implementing innovation through the carrying out of new combinations (Schumpeter, 1934) •A way of thinking, reasoning, and acting that is opportunity obsessed, holistic in approach, and Access to a computer with Internet, word processing and presentation software. Entrepreneurship Curriculum in Higher Education. The online portion of this course, titled the Ice House Entrepreneurship Program, will be available via Moodle, a

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