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2.0 Review

2.0 Review – 2.0 is a Tamil Sci Fi action film released in 2018. Dr. Vaseegaran brings Chitti back to take on an evil force that goes around killing people.

For quite sometime Indian movies have been aspiring for recognition of making movies of big scale and making it work. Movies like Chandralekha gave this confidence in the yesteryear. Now movies like Baahubali and 2.0 push the needle in the positive direction in creating a large-scale movie on high budgets and still making it commercially workable. Shankar’s extravagant dream and realizing them as grand visuals makes 2.0 a visual treat. Rajnikanth has shouldered the movie to make it entertaining throughout. As the commercial values rested on Rajnikanth, this has definitely overshadowed the power and purpose of Akshay Kumar’s character which is pivotal to the plot.  That is where the movie falters, the character arc which is always a strong point of Shankar’s movie goes weak. Like many of Shankar’s movies, there is a very essential social message in this one too. However, due to the weak characterization, the message doesn’t hit you hard in your face as it did in Anniyan like it did in Indian.

In essence 2.0 is all about visual extravaganza and superstar show. You are sure to get entertained for the 160 minutes. Shankar has repeated the subtle introduction of the Superstar without any frills like in the first installment. The absence of force fitting of songs is a welcome change, Amy Jackson portions are there merely to add humor to the proceedings. The body language transformation from Vaseegaran to 2.0 is still a treat to watch and forms some of the high points in the movie. As a superstar fan, you would want to whistle as the transformation happens. There are some surprise shades of characters he has played as well, which you would watch in the movie. The scenes comprising of Vaseegaran, Chitti, and Akshay Kumar at the crossroads in the second half is constructed very well and makes you long for more. The movie has a fitting grand climax sequence that has been action choreographed very well. From visual spectacle, we have already seen Chitti and 2.0. The stunt sequences of Bird and the formation of particle animation to create the bird is quite stunning to watch. The bird not being revealed completely, but in parts across various scenes would remind you Spielberg movies like JAWS and Jurassic Park.

High Points: Shankar’s visualization, Rajnikanth’s screen presence, Visual effects, 3D movie, Action Sequences, Animation of the Bird, Social message.

Low Points: Weak Characterization,  Flaws in the screenplay. Sujatha’s magic is missing in the screenplay.

Overall 2.0 definitely pushes the envelope of creating a movie with visual grandeur and adoption of latest technology in Indian movies. This can change the commercial landscape of Indian Cinema in a positive way. Shankar’s dream stands tall at the end of it.

If good writing combines with such technology then it would be a treat to watch. Go watch the visual spectacle in 3D, you would be entertained if you are willing to forgive the flaws in the script.

Don’t miss the post-credits scene like Marvel Style 🙂

Worth a Watch

Friday Fundas: High Concept

High Concept – refers to an artistic work that can be pitched very easily. For example movies that could be promoted easily with a one line premise generating enough interest in people wanting to watch it. One of the most popular movies with a High Concept narrative is Jurassic Park. The movie had a high concept narrative based on what if dinosaurs could be re-created. Mostly high concept narratives fall into the pattern of “what-ifs”. Movies like King Kong, The Matrix, Inception, E.T are all movies with high concept narration. High Concept movies are not just limited to western movies it has been very popular in the Indian Cinema as well. Some of the popular High Concept movies are 12B which dealt with what if you were to see alternate lives of a person by getting onto a bus or missing a bus. Ghajini is another popular high concept movie where in the audience where intrigued by the fact that a person with short term memory loss is trying to seek revenge. Most of Shankar’s movies are high concept movies Nayak (Mudhalvan) is a good example of this which dealt with what if a common man is made the Chief Minister for a day. His recent block buster Endhiran is another high concept movie which dealt with the concept of what if Robots have emotions.

Mostly you would see that the promotion of High Concept movies is very simple as the concept itself is sufficient enough to draw people. Jurassic Park just had a dinosaur logo in its poster. Ghajini had the protagonist picture sitting with tattooed bare body. The marketing of the high concept movies follow the guidelines of “the look, the hook, the book”.

The look: how it is visually appealing to the public. Aamir Khan / Suriya’s look for Ghajini eight pack / six pack abs, tonsured head, and tattooed body.

The hook:  the attracting force for the public. How a person with short term memory loss can seek revenge?

The book:  how the movie is promoted. Before the release of Ghajini many of the multiplexes had their ticket counter personnel sporting Ghajini hair style.

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