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Baby Driver Review

Baby Driver Review – Baby Driver is an English Action film released in 2017. Baby is a young getaway driver who helps in escapes of robbery planned by the mastermind Doc. Baby is usually kept out of the Robbery scene, but during one of the heist when the Doc has Baby visit the Robbery scene hell breaks loose.

The movie has some excellent action sequences and would entice all action movie lovers. Director Edgar Wright keeps the audience right at the edge of the seat from the word go. The scenes are cleverly edited to suit the rhythm of the song. As the focus is only on the driver the heist scenes are not shown but the focus is rightly kept on the escapades. The opening scene where the Baby driver is introduced, he is listening to loud music and singing along with it as he waits for the heist to complete.  Once he starts the car and escapes you come to know about his skill in driving. Within those few minutes, the character of Baby Driver is well established. A very good example of character introduction. Adding a layer of tinnitus problem to Baby driver makes it very convincing to have music in the story. The music tracks add an additional layer to the whole story. Every driver has a lucky track is a catchy punch line.

The ending looks a bit ordinary when compared to the whole movie. However, the characterization, action sequences and the music itself provide a lot to enjoy the ride.

High Points: Car chase sequence, editing the scenes along with music, the tracking shot of Baby getting coffee for the team, the music he creates based on the everyday dialogues he hears.

Low Points: A very predictable ending to the story

Overall if you are an action movie lover and enjoy good music then Baby Driver is the movie just for you. Watch it in the theatres.

Worth a Watch

Jil Jung Juk Review

Jil Jung Juk Review – Jil Jung Juk is a Tamil slapstick comedy-drama released in 2016. Deivanayagam looses a lot of money as his drug trafficking business is raided by customs. He has to sell the last stock for good money to minimise the losses. He employs three people Jil (the talkative), Jung (the punctual) and Juk (the driver) to transport the drug.

If you are familiar with dystopian society and western cowboy movies then you would be able to understand this one better. Kudos to the team for breaking away from the norm and creating something new. The premise and the build up phase is very good and increases you interest to watch what is happening. The premise itself has a lot of scope for slapstick comedy. The scene in which the trio are getting to know each other from the achievements of their father has been crafted well and is a very novel way of introducing the characters.  The production value of the movie is also very good.

Somewhere from the midpoint, the movie tilts towards the side of good and drifts away from the dystopian culture. The saving grace is some of the comical sequences in the movie. The makers claim to have broken all the commercial formula but still couldn’t resist staying away from a bar song.

High Points: A new experimental venture, bringing a dystopian society for Indian cinema, comic sequences like the one in the petrol storage, first meeting Deivanayagam

Low Points: The movie may not be understood by many, the story gets lost into a slapstick genre rather than western comedy based in a dystopian society.

Overall if you are in a mood for a different kind of film that stays away from the norm then go and watch Jil Jung Juk. This movie deserves a watch for the daring effort by the team to break the stereotype.

Worth a Watch


Rajathanthiram Review

Rajathanthiram Review – Rajathanthiram is a Tamil heist movie released in 2015. 3 friends who do petty theft for a living plan on doing a larger heist from a rich jeweler.

Debutant Director A.G Amid has chosen heist as the plot for his movie. Heist plots has the potential of creating a very interesting and engaging screenplay. However the element of surprise and twist should be placed very smartly enough for the audience to be enthralled as the movie ends. If this is not done well then any heist movie would fail badly. Rajathanthiram manages to keep the interest going on. Although the audience know there would be a twist in the end but still the script keeps you engaged with it as how it is done is kept as a well maintained secret in the film. The movie also works well in most of the parts in moving the pieces together. The acting levels of the lead actors are not of top notch as many of them are new. Still they put up a show that is decent enough to make it an entertaining watch. The comedy blends in well with the story and helps in moving the story ahead. Regina is underutilized and serves only as an eye candy in the film rather than how the promos of the movie had tried to portray her. The director should be appreciated for his sincere first attempt with a limited budget yet giving a decent output.

High Points: Heist plot, Comedy in the screenplay, the final heist sequence is entertaining to watch.

Low Points: Predictable plot line and novice acting skills

Overall Rajathanthiram may not be that brilliant heist movie that would blow your mind off but it is a movie that would definitely serve as a light hearted entertaining watch any time.


The Thieves Review

The Thieves Review – The Thieves is a South Korean heist movie released in 2012. A group of thieves come together in Macau to rob one of the most precious jewelry from a Casino.

Before I review this let me get a perception out of the way. The poster and the plot involving casino would remind you of the Hollywood blockbuster Ocean’s Eleven.  But this one according to me is manifold of the Hollywood movie.  This one is lot different. Imagine if Ocean’s team did not work for Ocean and every one of them had an individual plan. Sounds complicated right… then that is The Thieves for you. Anything more I say here would become a spoiler.

Now that the perception is out of the way let me cover the review of the movie. The movie has a star studded cast. Even though I haven’t watched a lot of Korean movies the entire screen looks sparkling with all the cast. The movie is very stylish as it goes with any heist movie. As I had mentioned the plot is very complicated. As the movie progresses the knots get even more complicated and until the end you keep guessing as to what would happen. Almost every scene of the movie would spring upon a surprise to you. There is a sequence in which two of the thieves try to steal the access key from the manager. They plan that the lady would seduce the manager and the guy would steal the card. But it turns out the manager is gay and shows interest in the guy. It is hilarious and brilliant screenplay. So is the entire flavor of the movie. Director Choi hong-don should be credited for the brilliant screenplay and how he has managed to make this with a large ensemble of cast. The climax fight scene on the ropes around the hotel is a treat to watch. Although the entire fight sequence is close to 15 minutes long it is still very enjoyable. Kim Yeon-seok has delivered a very nice performance. So are the other actors.

The way every character is built up is enjoyable to watch. It is not an easy job to create a screenplay with so many characters and have unique voice for each of them.

Overall this one would top the list of my favorite heist movies. If you are a fan of heist movies then this one would be a treat for you.

Must Watch

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Sathuranga Vettai

Sathuranga Vettai – is a Tamil black comedy heist movie released in 2014. It is based on a true story about a person who finds easy way to make money by cheating people. He is a by product of the economical imbalance in the society.

The movie is definitely very engaging as the script does not deviate from the main plot of the movie. It is based on the true incidents that had happened in India. The character of the protagonist Natarajan Subramaniam has been built well. The film has the tone of movies like Naan Avan Illai which is again based on fraud. There some dialogues which are very good and apt for the script. Beyond the main character the buildup for other characters seems to be a letdown for the movie. Apart from this the movie will definitely engage you and also remind you of how someone could easily make a fool out of a common man. You would have a feeling of reading a host of Junior Vikatan articles on con.

Overall this one is definitely watchable on TV or DVD and you would enjoy it.

Wait for DVD/TV

Now You See Me

Now You See Me – is a English thriller released in 2013. Four magicians are brought together by a unknown man. They perform magic shows in which they rob bank live and distribute the money to the audience. FBI and Interpol are after the magicians to catch them live. Where they able to prove the deception in their magical acts and arrest them is the plot of the movie.

The movie is made in a very stylish way as many of the famous heist movies like Ocean’s Eleven. It keeps the audience engaged and guessing the trick throughout the movie. Although there are few of the tricks you might be able to guess before hand as you had already seen movies on similar lines but still the screenplay is written very brilliantly to keep you glued to your chair. This is one of the movies which got released without many frills but would sweep you off the feet if you are a fan of heist movies. It is a must watch.

Must Watch