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Meaghamann Review

Meaghamann Review – Meaghamann is a Tamil action thriller released in 2014. Arul and Karthik are undercover cops working for two major drug lords in the Mumbai and Goa area. They want to bring the ghost drug lord Jothi out and arrest him but it is not easy as Jothi leaves no trace even for his gang to find him

Director Magizh Thirumeni has given an action thriller in Meaghamann (Captain of the ship). The script is an out and out action movie that revolves around the gangsters and drug lords in the backdrop of Goa. There are moments in the movie which are very brilliantly constructed. In particular the scene in which Arya plays card game in the cold storage along with the gang without being aware of the lurking danger is brilliantly done. Asutosh Rana’s characterization is done well. However the director has not been able to successfully maintain the thrills throughout the movie. The movie has too many characters which might make it complicated for the common audience to follow it. The script is gripping overall, but takes a dip with the love interest angle for Arya which seems to be force fitted into the movie. Another point which is missing is the ability for the audience to connect with the purpose of the protagonist. The buildup phase although builds the audiences up for the thrills but fails in establishing the emotional connect. Hence the climax lacks the vigor it had to be established with.

High Points: Action sequences, Performance of Asutosh Rana

Low Points: Too many characters, Love interest for the protagonist, Lack of emotional connect

Overall Meaghamann is a decent gangster movie which could have been done much better. Still there are elements in it which will keep you interested in this captain.

Wait for TV/DVD


Scarface – is an American crime drama released in 1983. Tony Montana, a criminal in Cuba arrives to the United States along with the Cuban refugees. He becomes part of a criminal gang and rises to power due to his arrogant, aggressive and brutal attitude.

Although the movie has been shot in 1983 it is still one of the best gangster movies. Right from the start till the finish you see street fights, gang wars and shootouts. Al Pacino has set a great role model for any gangster role in movies that would be made. Many of Indian gangster movies have been influenced by this one. The recent one is Billa 2 starring Ajith. As the movie progresses you could see a remarkable transition in Al Pacino’s character, mannerisms and style. All these have become iconic now. If you love gangster movies this one is a must watch. Strictly not for kids for the violence it has.

Must Watch

A Dirty Carnival

A Dirty Carnival – is a South Korean neo-noir film released in 2006. An upcoming film director Min Ho has to read a gangster’s life to create the script for his gangster movie. He follows and interviews his high school friend turned gangster Kim Byung-doo to understand the life of a gangster and make his movie. When the movie is released it is so close to the reality of the crime Byung-doo was involved in that he now has to kill Min Ho to save his secrets.

Sounds similar? Well this is the movie that many of the movie buffs have compared with Jigarthanda. Only the central plot is similar but the genre, treatment, the actual conflict and where the movie heads to is vastly different. They are two different movies with different story. So stop comparing the two movies.

A Dirty Carnival is a very serious gangster movie in itself. The movie is so realistic to the life of gangsters. You would see some realistic looking fights rather than the cinematic fights with visual effects. The movie right from the start follows Kim Byung-doo who is leading the life of a gangster and struggling to make his ends meet with an ailing mother, dependent brother and sister. The story is about his rise to power, his love for his childhood friend, his interactions with Min Ho for the movie script and the final conflict he gets into where he would have to kill his friend to live free. The story is very engaging right from the start. You would have the experience of looking into the life of a gangster. The performances, character buildup have been done very well. The editing of the movie is outstanding. If you are fan of gangster movies watch this one definitely.

Must Watch – for gangster fans

Bullett Raja

Bullett Raja – is an action thriller movie in Hindi released in 2013. Somewhere in Uttar Pradesh (UP) a gangster is shot in an encounter, he recounts his past. He was an unemployed youth and becomes a close friend of a courier delivery man at a wedding party.  Thugs attack the house that night, the two friends fight against them and save the family. This fight leads them to a gangster life as they are being targeted by other gangsters and the only way out is for them to stand against them which eventually make them into a Gangster.  They become terrifying duo in the locality with some political backup. What circumstances lead to the encounter is the rest of the plot.

Tigmanshu Dhulia has come up with a very intriguing gangster plot where the gangs are formed for friendship, love and honor and not for money. The casting of the movie has been done well and is very convincing. The sequences leading the duo to a gangster life, some harsh take on rogue politicians and the action sequences are made very well. The movie falters in its length. It could have been a very enjoyable one if it had been short in length without the romance portions as it slows down the pace to a great extent in the mid parts. It seems the makers were not convinced themselves in many occasions as certain scenes look disconnected. The movie however does leave a promising plot to create a sequel and there is a chance for the director to revive this brand eliminating the short comings of the current version.

What you would like: The gangster plot, action sequences, cast and dialogues

What you would dislike: Unfitting romance for the story line, disconnected sequences, length of the movie

Overall the movie is definitely enjoyable in parts, if you are a fan of action flicks and gangster stories then go for it. If not you can wait for the movie to be played on TV.

Wait for DVD /TV – unless you are a fan of gangster movies