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Ivan Veramathiri

Ivan Veramathiri – is a Tamil action thriller released in 2013. A city suffers from the atrocities created by the local politician and his brother. While everyone remains silent Gunasekaran takes it on him to give the politician and his brother the taste of their own medicine by captivating the politician’s brother in a dark chamber in a building under construction for many days. Now the goons are out to get Gunasekaran. Whether Gunasekaran was successful in averting the danger is the plot of Ivan Veramathiri.

True to its title the protagonist takes a different approach in bringing the wrong – doers to light. If you have been watching world movies then the imprisonment in a dark room might resemble to the Korean movie Old Boy. Nevertheless it is a good attempt and the screenplay is successful in keeping the audience engaged with the movie plot. The only drag factor is the romance between the lead pairs and the chemistry doesn’t work out so well. You might find the movie to be slow during the second half. However the climax sequence is done well to bring back the lost interest. Director Saravanan has taken a different genre after his first movie Engeyum Eppodhum and has delivered on the script. The romance sequences in the movie might remind you of many of the sequences from his previous movie. Vikram Prabhu does well in the action sequences, his height and physique is very apt for the movie. Overall Ivan Veramathiri is different and is watchable.