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Making of Mahatma

Making of Mahatma Р Independence Day special! Making of Mahatma is an English movie which is a joint Indian South African film released in 1996. The movie starts with the famous train sequence where Mohandas is thrown out of the train as he is not white. The story then travels through the ups and downs of the life of Mohandas and how he transforms himself into a inspiring leader that people address him as Mahatama (the great soul!). The movie ends with his 21 years of tenure in South Africa where he had inspired millions to rise against the British rule leading by example.

The movie is directed by Shyam Benegal, Rajit Kapoor plays the role of Gandhi. As the movie travels through the life of Gandhi it just uplifts one’s spirit and the scene in which Gandhi goes on his first march and people join him as he walks is truly inspirational. Rajit Kapoor has acted very well and he has shown the maturity through the movie as he rises from a common man to a leader. You could see the inspiration from the Richard Attenborough’s 1982 movie Gandhi. This is a must watch for the inspiration it creates.

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