The Gods Must be Crazy – Part II

The Gods Must be Crazy – Part II – Very rarely you see a sequel of a block buster which matches up to the expectation of the previous one. This one definitely meets the expectations and yet again a rib tickler. Xi is having 2 kids who out of their curiosity get on board a travelling water tanker used by elephant poachers. Xi is on a quest to get his kids back. In parallel a zoologist and a lawyer get stuck in the Kalahari desert after a plane crash and are trying to get out. There are also two soldiers fighting against each other stranded on the dessert. All the incidents contribute in making the movie a laugh riot again. Humor takes precedence over satirical messages in the second one. You end up admiring the naive and beautiful life of the native bushman tribe and their deep knowledge of nature… its gift, its perils and how to co-exist with nature without disrupting it.

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  1. I have watched this movie so many times, probably when in of the best movies!

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