Guest Post: Movies that inspire you to travel

Guest Post: Movies that inspire you to travel

There will be very few persons who will not love to travel. We travel

to get out of the Boredom or to get some motivation by going to some unusual places. I have seen many people who just live to travel; you can learn a lot of things from traveling because traveling is for self-discovery.

If you are planning to go somewhere, then I have made a list of movies which will inspire you to visit. There are numerous movies which can motivate you to pack your bag and start your journey but very few of them are worth watching, and I have made the list of traveling movies hope you will like them.

The Darjeeling Limited

Movie that inspire you to travel
Movie that inspire you to travel

The Darjeeling Limited is the story of three brothers who come together to create a bond with each other by traveling to India. Not everyone likes to travel with their family members especially when they don’t have a good relationship with them. But this film tells us that how important it is to travel with the person whom we love the most.

The Bucket List

What will you do if someone tells you that you have only three months left to live? Do you ever question which are those things which you want to see before you die?  The bucket list is the story of two cancer patient who travels around the whole world to see the beauty of nature before they close their eyes forever. Any list of traveling movies is incomplete without this film. After watching this beautiful film, I am pretty much sure that you will make a list of the things which you want to see before you die.

Eat Love Pray

Eat Pray Love is the story of unhappily married woman Liz Gilbert (Julia Roberts) who goes on a world tour to discover the solutions to her problems. Eat Love Pray is the spiritual journey of broken woman and if like to enjoy the Self-discovery movies then this one will never disappoint you.


Wild is the story of Cheryl (Reese Witherspoon) who is suffering from a tragedy. Cheryl thinks there is the only way she can get out of this tragedy by doing the solo traveling. Therefore, she chooses to walk alone for more than thousands of miles. Sometimes we get into some situations from which it is always very hard to get out, and at that time all we should do is to spend quality time with ourselves by going on a solo journey. If you haven’t seen this movie, then you have probably missed one of the best traveling movies of all time.

Before Sunrise

Do you ever imagine of spending a little bit of time with a stranger? If you do, then you will love this movie. Before Sunrise is the story of Jesse (Ethan Hawke), who meets a girl name Celine on his day of Europe trip. Before leaving the Europe, he spends the remaining hours with her, and both discover things they didn’t care about themselves. With a simple story and flawless acting by the both actors, you will fall in love with this fantastic Rom-Com traveling movie.

Secret Life of Walter Mitty

When Walter Witty’s job gets into danger, then he starts the journey full of surprises and adventure. If you are bored with your daily Nine to Five job, then this movie might get you out of the Boredom.

The Beach

This film is about the twenty-year-old young man who goes on a trip to Thailand. There he meets Looney (Robert Carlyle) who gives him a map to hidden paradise. The Beach has some striking visuals and an exciting and intense message about finding your paradise. If you haven’t watched this movie, then I strongly recommend you to watch this film because it will make you fall in love with “The Beach.”

The Motorcycle Diaries

This film is based on the real story of two friends Ernesto Guevara (Gael Garcia Bernal) and Alberto Granado who went on road journey across the South America during 1950’s. The cinematography and background music of this film is first class, and both actors have done a fabulous job. This is the movie which will make you cry, laugh or maybe both at the same time. The Motorcycle Diaries was filmed in Argentina, Chile, and Peru and every aspect of this movie is perfect and it is one of the top traveling movies of all time.

Lost In Translation

Lost in translation tells us the story of Bob Harris (Bill Murray) an American actor, who has come to Tokyo to film a commercial. Staying in the same hotel is Charlotte, a newlywed woman who gets neglected by her photographer husband. In the meantime, both Bob and Charlotte spend their productive time to getting to know each other’s problem. Lost in translation shows us that even if we are living in the major cities, we find ourselves lonely and if you are going through that condition then you should try to watch this film.

Into The Wild

Into The Wild is the story of Christopher McCandless, who after completing his graduation went Alaska by giving his all savings to the Charity and just to discover the wildness. It is the movie which will inspire you in a lot of ways. Sometimes we don’t know who we are and what we want to be for the rest of our life and this is the reason why Christopher McCandless went to Alaska alone. Emile Hirsch played the role of Christopher McCandless brilliantly and without any flaw. His character believes that we don’t need any human contacts to discover the beauty of wildness.

Final Words

There are lots of movies which will inspire you to travel. However, we tried to add best movies on our list, and we hope you will like it. If you have any suggestions, then we urge you to comment so that we will try to update our list of traveling movies.

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