Gravity (IMAX 3D)

Gravity (IMAX 3D) – is a thriller and drama released in 2013.  Dr. Ryan Stone is on her first space shuttle mission with veteran Matt Kowalski to service the Hubble Space Telescope. They get warned by the Mission Control in Houston to abort the mission to escape from the debris of a Russian satellite, however before they escape their space craft is destroyed by debris and Ryan Stone drifts away. The rest of the movie is about did Stone find her crew back and did she reach earth safely?

When I saw the trailer of the movie I wondered how such a plot could have been developed to make an engaging movie. I had to change my opinion after seeing it. Director Alfonso Cuarón has narrated a story of hope and survival when everything seems gloomy. The movie’s plot is not merely a science fiction rather has parallel themes of self-belief, soul searching, meaning of life. Cuarón has done a brilliant work of using the silent and eerie but beautiful space as the background for the conveying the theme. The visual effects are stunning and you have a feel for space exploration and admire the beauty of earth from space. The movie is completely set in space and catches your attention right from the first frame where there is absolute silence. The film covers space exploration in great detail and accuracy barring a few sequences used for creative liberty.  Sandra Bullock has performed very well and this would be one among her best works. Steven Price’s background score takes the audience through an emotional ride in otherwise silent space. Overall, if you are a fan of movies like Cast Away, Life of Pi which is not merely an adventure tale but deals with hope, survival and soul searching then Gravity is a Must Watch. If you don’t connect to the philosophical theme of the plot then you would feel this is nothing more than a IMAX show of space exploration.

Must Watch – for lovers of space movies and survival stories!

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