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Man of Steel

Man of Steel – The most expected superhero movie of the year brings the rebooted Superman to the silver screen. As it is a reboot the movie is all about the origin of Superman and establishing his identity as Superman. As a boy Clark Kent is worried about the superhuman abilities he has and is confused if he would be accepted by the society and live a normal life as a human. He goes on a long journey covering his path and identity. But the circumstances and his super human abilities would not let him be in the dark for too long. Soon he is faced with the challenge to save the earth and the only way he could do is by revealing his identity. Did he reveal his identity? Did the human race accept him? forms the rest of the plot.

The movie had a load of expectations on itself with names like Christopher Nolan, Zack Snyder, Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner in the credits. DC delivering a phenomenal reboot for the Batman just raised the expectation of this movie much higher. In comparison with the expectations the movie works in parts. There is a newer side of Superman’s childhood and the emotional turmoil he goes through which is taken very well. However once he takes the superhuman form it just becomes an average film. There is overdose of visual effects, which makes you bit exhausted in the end of it. Henry Cavill looks good as a superman however he has just limited expressions which becomes a bit monotonous through the movie. The movie does promise a good beginning for some promising sequels to come. If we were to take off the overloaded expectations of the movie it is a good watch.

Its a Bird, Its a Plane, Its Superman go for the red cape hero you had been inspired for decades.

Watchable – for Superman fans

Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines, Or How I Flew from London to Paris in 25 Hours 11 Minutes

Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines, Or How I Flew from London to Paris in 25 Hours 11 Minutes – is a 1965 British comedy movie. The story is set in the 1910 when  air crafts were evolving. A British newspaper magnate organizes a flying competition from London to Paris with an award sum of 10,000 pounds to prove Britain is number one in the air.

The movie is well made considering it was done in the 1965. It is hilarious and interesting to see all those various kinds of flying machines and their flying crew ensemble which in sort is a representation of the culture of the nation they are representing. British comedy has its own charm, flavor and places its intellectual demands on cherishing the humor. As the title the movie is crazy and is a fun ride through out from start to the finish line.

Must Watch

Good Will Hunting

Good Will Hunting –  Will Hunting is a 20 year old unrecognized genius who works at the MIT University as a janitor and anonymously solves difficult mathematical problems posted by Professor Lambeau. Will gets into a fight with a police officer and the Professor comes to his rescue with an agreement that Will would undergo therapy sessions with Sean Maguire a friend of Lambeau while working with him for advanced mathematics. Will has a rough personality due to the hardships he has faced in the past. He is hard to get through and Sean is the right man who could do so. The rest of the movie is about how Sean Maguire helps Will discover his fears, love, friendship and eventually the biggest decision of his life that would change his destiny.

Matt Damon (Will Hunting) and Robin Williams (Sean Maguire) are heart and soul of the movie. Their interactions sparkle the screen. The script written by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon is the strength of the movie. The movie is straight and simple. As Will discovers his future it touches upon many of footprints of Will’s personality the viewers have within themselves. If you are in mood for a soul searching movie that is truly inspirational … This is a must watch!

Must Watch

The Gods Must be Crazy – Part II

The Gods Must be Crazy – Part II – Very rarely you see a sequel of a block buster which matches up to the expectation of the previous one. This one definitely meets the expectations and yet again a rib tickler. Xi is having 2 kids who out of their curiosity get on board a travelling water tanker used by elephant poachers. Xi is on a quest to get his kids back. In parallel a zoologist and a lawyer get stuck in the Kalahari desert after a plane crash and are trying to get out. There are also two soldiers fighting against each other stranded on the dessert. All the incidents contribute in making the movie a laugh riot again. Humor takes precedence over satirical messages in the second one. You end up admiring the naive and beautiful life of the native bushman tribe and their deep knowledge of nature… its gift, its perils and how to co-exist with nature without disrupting it.

You can read the review of Part I here

Must Watch

The Gods Must be Crazy – Part I

The Gods Must be Crazy – Part I –  A South African comedy film released in 1980, which revolves around the life of Xi who is part of the Bushman tribe. From the busy materialistic city life where enough is never enough the movie switches over to Kalahari Dessert where the Bushman tribe is happy and content with what they have got and are very thankful to the almighty. Their lives take a turn when a empty coke bottle falls from the sky (from a flying plane). They think this is another boon from God however this brings in envy, jealousy, violence within the tribe which they haven’t experienced before… as there is only one of it. Xi takes on a mission to destroy it by taking it to end of the earth and giving back to the Gods. The movie is about his journey and the kind of incidents he finds himself in through out his journey is rest of the movie. It is one of the hilarious movies I had ever seen and it guarantees ROFL. This is first of the series… There is also a very satirical take on the city life where people live in excess and are still not content with what they have got…. you would start appreciating what nature has given you once you see this movie…

Must Watch – ROFL Guaranteed