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Orange Mittai Review

Orange Mittai Review – Orange Mittai is a Tamil comedy film released in 2015. Satya an EMT (emergency medical technician) receives a call to pick up a person suffering from heart attack. But the journey to the hospital is not an ordinary one.

This is an abstract experimental film that touches upon so many aspects of life and realities of life in many different places. We should appreciate the team for having tried giving a new movie to the audience. It was a pleasure to see a movie without a kutthu song, bar scene, below average slapstick comedy and build up sequences. All these end within an hour and forty minutes.

Vijay Sethupathi has performed very well as an old man. Not many actors would dare to do such a role in the early time of their career. The way he has modulated his voice and establishes his egoistic authority right from the first scene is definitely very powerful. Director Biju Viswanath known for taking up off beat subjects has yet again been successful in that.

The film touches upon many social issues. In particular the distance they travel to get medical facilities is quite astounding. The fact that the ambulance is not able to reach the doorstep of the person is showed in a very humorous way. Life is much beyond the rules that the society lays upon you, it is all about the journey and you are the only one who can control your life is a message that came through to me throughout the movie.

The screenplay has few weak points. First and foremost you may not connect or travel with any of the characters in the movie. It had to be established strongly for a deeper engagement. The first half of the movie seems to have been dragged to make this into a full-length feature film.

The first look poster depicted a larger than life godly costume for the lead characters, which was quite not the way to prepare the audience for this movie.

High Points: Acting performance by Vijay Sethupathi, no unnecessary drama, length of the movie, Experimental movie

Low Points: The movie may not have wide appeal due to its abstractness, Sometimes the events and hints are too subtle to create an impact

Overall Orange Mittai is a good effort in Tamil cinema industry. If you love experimental movies give it a try definitely. This movie would make you reflect back and draw your own interpretations much like seeing an abstract painting.

Worth a Watch

Baahubali – The Beginning Review

Baahubali – The Beginning Review – Baahubali – The Beginning is a Telugu is a historical fiction movie released in 2015. The film is the first of a two part series. Shivdu is found on the riverside and is raised by a small tribe family; he always wants to climb the big mountain near the village against the wish of his mother. He is able to do it when he grows up; this leads him to his roots from where had come from.

5 tablespoons of Mahabharat, one tablespoon of Ramayan and one tablespoon of masala ingredients from high packed action movies mixed well together. The dish that comes out of the above ingredients is what is Baahubali in a nutshell. Although it is made of the ingredients that we have tasted before, the dish is well prepared and fulfills our appetite like a grand feast. Director SS Rajamouli has dreamt big and kudos to him and his team to bring such a visual grandeur to the silver screen. The breath taking visuals, a native story, stunning fight choreography, powerful characterization all these make Baahubali a very compelling watch. The movie stays true to its promotion and what it had promised to offer; a historical fantasy story painted on an expensive canvas. Every frame has visual grandeur in it, right from the formidable falls to the large battlefield. Many of the characters and situations resemble many of the Indian mythology stories you would have heard but putting them in this combination is interesting. Prabhas, Anushka, Sathyaraj, Nassar, Ramyakrishnan, Rana Daggupati, Tamanna all of them have performed very well. Peter Hein’s stunt choreography is one of the highlights of the movie.

High Points: The narration, visual effects and characterization of Baahubali, Bhallala Deva, Kattappa and Sivagami shine in this first installment. The interval block for the movie was really powerful and is the high point in the movie for me.

Low Points: There are definitely some low points. There is very less differentiation between Shivdu and Baahubali. You don’t feel they are two different characters. There have been some sequences to please the fanfare on the opening day of the movie, which could have been avoided. The background score for such a visually stunning film was a bit let down for me.

Overall Baahubali is a visual treat, though it is a story you would have heard a million times still it is very interesting when SS Rajamouli narrates it. This one is a milestone in Indian Cinema and a Must watch for all Indian movie lovers.

Must Watch

Idhu Kathirvelan Kadhal

Idhu Kathirvelan Kadhal – is a Tamil romantic comedy released in 2014. Kathir is a staunch devotee of Hanuman and believes in bachelorhood. However things take a turn when he meets Pavithra. He goes head over heels for her only to find that Pavithra already likes someone else. What happens next is the plot of Idhu Kathirvelan Kadhal.

A very old formula which has been beaten to death in many movies is used here. The only way you could make it work is by bringing in fresh frames, unique situations and different narration style. Rather than concentrating on this director S.R Prabhakaran has tried sticking to the elements that worked for Udhaynidhi in his previous outing OK OK. Santhanam’s comedy also works only in parts which makes the script more dragging and less enjoyable. Instead if he had concentrated on building the characters and situations as he did with Sundarapandian it might have worked better. Overall the movie is a forgettable one.

Can Skip it

Singam II

Singam II – A top cop resigns to everyone’s surprise only to take up an undercover operation to arrest the criminals involved in smuggling drugs in the coastal area of Tamil Nadu. He has to manage the displeasure from his father for having resigned the job and overcome many obstacles caused by the criminals to bring justice.

A sequel to the successful movie Singam. It is nice to see the character Duraisingam on the silver screen again, Suriya has a very good screen presence and has done the role to perfection. Guess the director Hari had lot of doubts on the script’s ability to become as popular as the first part, he has tried to make it really big. There are four villains, 3 ladies who are acting as heroines (including Anjali who appears for an item song), 2 comedians and 1 hero. The end result he has struggled hard to have all of them have their fair share in the script and many a times the script deviates from the main plot. Also you would wonder why Suriya is so angry and shouting from the start of the movie.  In the end the movie ends up being bit “too” (II) much. Hari’s signature style of fast cuts, moving camera shots and rapid pace has been successful in hiding many of the short comings as you don’t have time to think. This could become a nice watch on TV after a Sunday afternoon sumptuous meal as you don’t have to think too much.

Wait for TV/DVD


Raanjhanaa (Amibkapathy – Tamil) –  A local boy in Varanasi falls in love with a Muslim girl since his childhood… Soon he finds rest of his life, aspirations, dreams, love, pain everything limited to her (Bas Tum Tak…!)

Anand L Rai has given a very good story that is just not limited to a puppy love story. The first half of the movie is colorful and enjoyable, the cinematographer Natarajan Subramaniam brings the lively colors of Varanasi in front of your eyes… the second half of the movie has a serious tone and through the journey of Kundan and Zoya the director takes you through the current political affairs in the country. Love prevails in the end and stays immortal. Dhanush is a very appropriate selection for the movie and has essayed his character very well, Tamil audiences might have watched this in many of his movies. Abhay Deol is charismatic in the portion he plays. Anand hasn’t let any star cast over shadow the plot and the screen play but has the story lead the way all through. The life and soul for the movie is A.R Rahman’s musical score. Raajhanna would make you laugh, cry and think. It is a wholesome entertainer that will keep you engaged throughout… Go for it!

Must Watch