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Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada Review

Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada Review – Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada is a romantic thriller released in 2016. Leela goes on a road trip on a bike with her friend’s brother. What begins to be a feel good romantic journey turns ugly when they meet with an accident.

The movie starts with a statement that it has been inspired by the scene in The Godfather. This scene should be where injured Michael plots revenge against the corrupt policeman. If you are expecting a VTV kind of a movie you would be in for a surprise as it is not a romantic drama. Only the first half of the movie is dedicated to romance and you would see all the songs appear in the first half of the movie itself. Then the second half is the inspiration part.

This is GVM’s way of movie making and story telling. You may like this or hate it but beyond everything you see a genuine sincerity in making what he believes in. There is a very casual approach in the first half as the scenes and the dialogues flow like they have been taken using a candid camera. There is also an element of surprise about the name of the lead protagonist. This is kept under wraps till the final sequence in the movie. He is passionate about riding his bullet and the initial scenes and dialogues would connect well with the biker community. Manjima Mohan is an eye candy who follows the tradition of a GVM’s heroine.

The second half of the movie is gritty and keeps you at the edge of the seat. A genre that I believe that GVM excels in. He can create a gruesome villain out of anyone. Baba Sehgal in this case.  The placement and creation of Thalli Pogathey song are beautiful and would be one of the high points in the movie. This kind of reminded me of a different opening by Myskkin in Pisasu. The hospital scene, the chase, and episode at the doctor’s house are the most engaging part of the movie. What happens to be a breezy ride on the tracks becomes a roller coaster ride. However, the big minus for the movie is the climax. When the suspense is unveiling, the story of movies Gangs of Wasseypur or RGV’s political crime drama is narrated with new characters so all the suspense built so far becomes for nothing. The non-linear editing with flashes of scenes, in the beginning, is the only knot that ties this. Still, this is not very effective. I only wished there was a foreshadowing done a bit earlier.

High Points: Thalli Pogathey song, Cinematography of the travel and the fight sequences, the hospital and final chase sequences. Picturization of the songs.

Low Points: The climax is the low point in the movie as the audience were not prepared for it.

Overall AYM is a movie which offers you many things you might like than hate. If you are able to withstand the disappointment in the climax you would be able to appreciate all other good things it offers.

For the sincere attempt and for Thalli Pogathey this one is

Worth a Watch

PS: A note to GVM and other Tamil directors, when you portray IPS officers please don’t let them sport a beard. Understand, undercover cops are allowed to have a beard, but when they take up normal duty and wear the uniform they are not allowed to have a beard.

10 Endrathukulla Review

10 Endrathukulla Review – 10 Endrathukulla is a Tamil action thriller released in 2015. A skillful car thief gets involved in the kidnapping of a woman without his knowledge. How he comes through the situation is the plot of 10 Endrathukulla.

Director Vijay Milton had aspirations of creating a racy movie with some high voltage action sequences. He has achieved the output he had expected but missed the story by a mile. The situations are very disconnected, this has been mainly due to the fact that the screenplay has been designed to maintain suspense till the end. This has not been successful as the movie does not connect with the audience at all as they fail to connect with the purpose of the protagonist.

Vikram’s performance could not save the engaging factor of the movie. There are enough heroes who are dependent on mass intro sequences, this is not needed for Vikram as he has extraordinary acting skills and dedication that would woo the audience. There is no strong villain in the movie, there are three of them who try to leave the responsibility to the other and in the end it is so fragmented. Retaining the suspense to the very end has caused the screenplay to slow down to a great extent and in many places they have used cliched double meaning dialogues to push it further. Samantha has some solid role to play during the last twenty minutes in the movie which she has done well.

High Points: The stunt sequences have been choreographed very well. There is nothing much  apart from this in the movie.

Low Points: The screenplay is predominantly not engaging. Absence of a strong villain.

Overall 10 Endrathukulla is like a sweet cherry fruit dipped in a spicy sambar. Cherry might be delicious but doesn’t go well with the combination. So is the brilliant action sequences built on a below average storyline.

Can Skip it

Orange Mittai Review

Orange Mittai Review – Orange Mittai is a Tamil comedy film released in 2015. Satya an EMT (emergency medical technician) receives a call to pick up a person suffering from heart attack. But the journey to the hospital is not an ordinary one.

This is an abstract experimental film that touches upon so many aspects of life and realities of life in many different places. We should appreciate the team for having tried giving a new movie to the audience. It was a pleasure to see a movie without a kutthu song, bar scene, below average slapstick comedy and build up sequences. All these end within an hour and forty minutes.

Vijay Sethupathi has performed very well as an old man. Not many actors would dare to do such a role in the early time of their career. The way he has modulated his voice and establishes his egoistic authority right from the first scene is definitely very powerful. Director Biju Viswanath known for taking up off beat subjects has yet again been successful in that.

The film touches upon many social issues. In particular the distance they travel to get medical facilities is quite astounding. The fact that the ambulance is not able to reach the doorstep of the person is showed in a very humorous way. Life is much beyond the rules that the society lays upon you, it is all about the journey and you are the only one who can control your life is a message that came through to me throughout the movie.

The screenplay has few weak points. First and foremost you may not connect or travel with any of the characters in the movie. It had to be established strongly for a deeper engagement. The first half of the movie seems to have been dragged to make this into a full-length feature film.

The first look poster depicted a larger than life godly costume for the lead characters, which was quite not the way to prepare the audience for this movie.

High Points: Acting performance by Vijay Sethupathi, no unnecessary drama, length of the movie, Experimental movie

Low Points: The movie may not have wide appeal due to its abstractness, Sometimes the events and hints are too subtle to create an impact

Overall Orange Mittai is a good effort in Tamil cinema industry. If you love experimental movies give it a try definitely. This movie would make you reflect back and draw your own interpretations much like seeing an abstract painting.

Worth a Watch

Piku Review

Piku Review – Piku is a Hindi comedy drama film released in 2015. Piku is a 30 year old woman living in Delhi taking care of her father whose major complaint in life is about his constipation. Just like his constipation he doesn’t want to leave any of his legacies including not letting Piku getting married, while on the other hand Piku wants to let go of them. The only thing that glues them together is the love and affection they have towards each other despite their differences. The plot revolves around the road trip they decide to take to visit their old house in Kolkata.

Director Shoojit Sircar after his successful outings with Vicky Donor and Madras Café has taken a very light hearted comedy drama. The movie is simple and sweet. The movie solely banks on the performance of the lead actors. Amitabh has performed with a natural flair that you see Bhaskor and not Amitabh in every frame he appears. This would be one of the top notch performances of Deepika Padukone as well and would be a highlight in her acting career. Irrfan Khan is a nice addition to the cast that he adds more strength to the performances of the cast. The screenplay itself is very light hearted and subtle. What could be an elaborate melodrama in any other movie has been handled with ease and keeps the lighthearted tone throughout.

High Points: Performance of Amitabh and Deepika, Light hearted screenplay, comedy sequences

Low Points: As a screenplay there is no strong establishment of conflict in the plot

Overall the movie is scripted like a view through window into the slice of time in Piku’s life. It is scripted well to keep you engaged and happy throughout the movie. Go and watch Piku for the performances of the lead cast.


Orange Mittai Trailer

Orange Mittai Trailer

Vijay Sethupathi’s next movie directed by Biju Viswanath Orange Mittai Trailer is released. The way the trailer is presented itself gives a taste of what to expect from the movie. This is expected to be a laugh riot on lines of Soodhu Kavvum. Watch the Trailer now.

Presenting a trailer without much glimpses from the movie is definitely innovative. Probably they did not want to give too much away. However the trailer reveals or hints on the following

1. The movie is of comedy genre

2. Vijay Sethupathi is playing the character of an old man

3. Three characters are travelling together in an ambulance

4. The film may not be just slap stick comedy but have mixed bag of comedy and emotions

5. The movie also stars Ramesh Thilak who had worked with Vijay Sethupathi in Soodhu Kavvum.

The trailer has definitely hyped up the expectations. Will have to wait and watch if it is able to stay up to the expectations it has set with the audience.