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Piku Review

Piku Review – Piku is a Hindi comedy drama film released in 2015. Piku is a 30 year old woman living in Delhi taking care of her father whose major complaint in life is about his constipation. Just like his constipation he doesn’t want to leave any of his legacies including not letting Piku getting married, while on the other hand Piku wants to let go of them. The only thing that glues them together is the love and affection they have towards each other despite their differences. The plot revolves around the road trip they decide to take to visit their old house in Kolkata.

Director Shoojit Sircar after his successful outings with Vicky Donor and Madras Café has taken a very light hearted comedy drama. The movie is simple and sweet. The movie solely banks on the performance of the lead actors. Amitabh has performed with a natural flair that you see Bhaskor and not Amitabh in every frame he appears. This would be one of the top notch performances of Deepika Padukone as well and would be a highlight in her acting career. Irrfan Khan is a nice addition to the cast that he adds more strength to the performances of the cast. The screenplay itself is very light hearted and subtle. What could be an elaborate melodrama in any other movie has been handled with ease and keeps the lighthearted tone throughout.

High Points: Performance of Amitabh and Deepika, Light hearted screenplay, comedy sequences

Low Points: As a screenplay there is no strong establishment of conflict in the plot

Overall the movie is scripted like a view through window into the slice of time in Piku’s life. It is scripted well to keep you engaged and happy throughout the movie. Go and watch Piku for the performances of the lead cast.