Orange Mittai Review

Orange Mittai Review

Orange Mittai Review – Orange Mittai is a Tamil comedy film released in 2015. Satya an EMT (emergency medical technician) receives a call to pick up a person suffering from heart attack. But the journey to the hospital is not an ordinary one.

This is an abstract experimental film that touches upon so many aspects of life and realities of life in many different places. We should appreciate the team for having tried giving a new movie to the audience. It was a pleasure to see a movie without a kutthu song, bar scene, below average slapstick comedy and build up sequences. All these end within an hour and forty minutes.

Vijay Sethupathi has performed very well as an old man. Not many actors would dare to do such a role in the early time of their career. The way he has modulated his voice and establishes his egoistic authority right from the first scene is definitely very powerful. Director Biju Viswanath known for taking up off beat subjects has yet again been successful in that.

The film touches upon many social issues. In particular the distance they travel to get medical facilities is quite astounding. The fact that the ambulance is not able to reach the doorstep of the person is showed in a very humorous way. Life is much beyond the rules that the society lays upon you, it is all about the journey and you are the only one who can control your life is a message that came through to me throughout the movie.

The screenplay has few weak points. First and foremost you may not connect or travel with any of the characters in the movie. It had to be established strongly for a deeper engagement. The first half of the movie seems to have been dragged to make this into a full-length feature film.

The first look poster depicted a larger than life godly costume for the lead characters, which was quite not the way to prepare the audience for this movie.

High Points: Acting performance by Vijay Sethupathi, no unnecessary drama, length of the movie, Experimental movie

Low Points: The movie may not have wide appeal due to its abstractness, Sometimes the events and hints are too subtle to create an impact

Overall Orange Mittai is a good effort in Tamil cinema industry. If you love experimental movies give it a try definitely. This movie would make you reflect back and draw your own interpretations much like seeing an abstract painting.

Worth a Watch

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  1. I actually don’t watch much tamil especially commedies, as I don’t like Vadivel comedies which is what they show on TV, Vivek commedies have been ok. Good to know its short and its on a good topic. Recently in radio there was a caller who naraated a story where his Dad had a problem and ambulance was called but it could not go, because people on the road were not giving way for the ambulance, his Dad reached hospital but it was too late to save him. The doctor said if the ambulance arrived 5 minutes earlier his Dad would have been saved. Anyway… I take Orange Mittai is a ok movie to watch(:

    1. Yes it is a ok movie to watch. It has very sarcastic take on the social issues and medical help. The only problem is it is too subtle… Give it a try and let me know what you think

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