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Poojai Review

Poojai Review – is a Tamil action drama released in 2014.  Thandavam a finance company head runs a huge network for contract killers. He is growing into a unstoppable force in the city. Vasu a local money lender crosses the way of Thandavam while trying to save a honest cop from his men. The life of Vasu is not the same any more as Thandavam vows to Vasu and his dear ones. Will Vasu be able to save his dear ones is the plot of Poojai.

Director Hari is still within his safe perimeter for the story line. Villain gets up taking bath in a temple pond, hero has to save his family from the villain, everyone in the heroes family rely upon him as the savior and dare devil who can with stand any opposition than any other law and order force. Hari should realize that his perimeter is a small one and there is only so much you could do within it to make a new story. Just by changing the lead actors cannot guarantee you a new film.

For Poojai, I guess Hari had run out of steam very quickly. For me the movie ended much before the interval block. But he had created a entire big family for the hero to move the story past interval block and make it a very tiring long movie. The villain doesn’t look fearsome at all. The reason is that Vishal is able to knock him down anytime he wants. I still didn’t understand why he forgives him every time till the climax.

Vishal is pivotal to the movie and he is comfortable in his home ground. Sathyaraj has performed his role well and the way he walks around in the police costume is very commendable. But he is underutilized in the movie due to the ensemble of star cast. Shruthi Hasan is there just to decorate the screen. She has to improvise on her dialogue delivery.

Yuvanshankar Raja’s music is forgettable. Very few positives in the movie the comedy track by Soori and Paandi combo trying to do a spoof of Koundamni and Senthil is enjoyable in parts. The stunt choreography is definitely good as in other Hari’s movies.
Overall Poojai is a mixture of Saamy, Singam, Arul and few other movies directed by Hari. It has nothing new to offer and the story definitely seem to be decade old.

Can Skip it

Singam II

Singam II – A top cop resigns to everyone’s surprise only to take up an undercover operation to arrest the criminals involved in smuggling drugs in the coastal area of Tamil Nadu. He has to manage the displeasure from his father for having resigned the job and overcome many obstacles caused by the criminals to bring justice.

A sequel to the successful movie Singam. It is nice to see the character Duraisingam on the silver screen again, Suriya has a very good screen presence and has done the role to perfection. Guess the director Hari had lot of doubts on the script’s ability to become as popular as the first part, he has tried to make it really big. There are four villains, 3 ladies who are acting as heroines (including Anjali who appears for an item song), 2 comedians and 1 hero. The end result he has struggled hard to have all of them have their fair share in the script and many a times the script deviates from the main plot. Also you would wonder why Suriya is so angry and shouting from the start of the movie.  In the end the movie ends up being bit “too” (II) much. Hari’s signature style of fast cuts, moving camera shots and rapid pace has been successful in hiding many of the short comings as you don’t have time to think. This could become a nice watch on TV after a Sunday afternoon sumptuous meal as you don’t have to think too much.

Wait for TV/DVD