Thegidi – is a Tamil suspense thriller released in 2014. An amateur detective is assigned the job to do background verification of people. He falls in love with one of the girl for whom he is doing background verification. Soon he finds people whom he had verified die mysteriously in accidents. Thegidi is a journey of unraveling this mystery.

Thegidi means dice. A good name for a suspense thriller as you never knows what is going to happen next. Director P.Ramesh has tried his best to keep the screenplay that way. One of the downfalls of the movie is the utilization of it characters. With the intention of the not revealing the mystery earlier he has struggled to use many of his characters. This would make you feel monotonous in parts of the movie. Given this is a debut venture it is not a bad script either.  Overall Thegidi would not disappoint you and deserves a watch for the plot.


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