Taken 3 Review

Taken 3 Review

Taken 3 Review – Taken 3 is an American action thriller released in 2015. This is the last of the Taken series featuring an ex CIA agent Bryan Mills played by Liam Neeson. Bryan Mills wife is murdered under mysterious circumstances at his home.  Police suspect Bryan for the murder. He has to go all out to find the true killer of his wife and bring him to justice.

Bryan Mills wooed us in the previous Taken series with his specialized skills that he had learnt from his past job. In both the previous occasions he had a strong motive to save his family members his daughter and his wife. I believe the makers wanted to have one last go with this character that had captured the hearts of the audience. However they have failed to establish a strong motive to drive Bryan Mills in that. Even though the motive is not so strong Liam Neeson as Bryan Mills tries everything he would do if he had one to run from the police, track down the villains in uncanny ways, beat the bad guys. The action part of the movie definitely has been done well but in the larger scheme of things if you think as to why all of this is happening you would struggle getting convinced about this one.

High Points: Liam Neeson, few punch dialogues like the one he says “Don’t try anything funny they would kill you… even if they don’t I will…” are enjoyable. Action sequences

Low Points: As his wife is already dead the movie ends up being an average murder mystery and fugitive story, the location was missing in this one the first one had Paris, the next one had Istanbul but nothing special here.

Overall if you have loved the Taken franchise you would not get bored with this one. But still on a comparative scale you would end up wanting the previous ones. You would enjoy it more sitting on your couch with a cup of coffee or popcorn.

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