The Man From U.N.C.L.E review

The Man From U.N.C.L.E Review

The Man From U.N.C.L.E Review – The Man from U.N.C.L.E is an English comedy spy film released in 2015. This is based on the television series with the same name. Solo, an US CIA agent and a KGB operative have to come together to stop yet another nuclear bombing.

The movie is an out and out Guy Ritchie style movie. If you have loved Guy Ritchie’s movies you would love this one as well. The movie is stylish, witty and engaging right from the word go! The first one-hour of the movie just moves so fast that it was hard to realize the time go by. The situations are comical in nature and entice you with some amazing visuals and cool background score. Henry Cavill still has the expression from A to B but still has managed to be convincing in the role of a CIA agent. Ilya Kuryakin’s role is more adorable one in the movie. The tiff between Cavill and Kuryakin in the first hour is the most enjoyable part of the movie.

The movie slows down a bit once they are set on a mission but quickly picks pace towards the end. The traditional trademark of Guy Ritchie movies of repeating the same sequences with missing pieces is used in here as well and is brilliant to keep the narration interesting. The art direction is also done well to recreate the period setup.

High Points: Stylish visuals, Background score for the movie, Ilya Kuryakin’s performance, and the sequences of tiff between Cavill and Kuryakin, true to a Guy Ritchie movie.

Low Points: Once they are on the mission the pace slows down a bit. But this can be ignored.

 Overall this one is a very enjoyable spy movie completely presented in Guy Ritchie’s style. If you love spy movies and also Guy Ritchie’s movies then you are in for a treat. Don’t miss this one while this is in the theaters.

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    1. Thanks for the suggestion Navin. My ratings are usually in verdict format Must Watch, Watchable, Wait for TV/DVD and Can Skip it… I find star rating to be confusing

  1. I think you can be more specific in when the movie was released with the date, make the review appear more say less lazy… anyway seems a good movie to watch, I am an ardent Sherlock Holme Fan in all forms… strating from senses in the Jeremy Brett serials…watch this … then the movie and the hindi Sathyan veshi Bomkesh Bakshi…(: with Rajat as the Bashi… I have seen Bamkesh in real life too, the Rajat person acting in play never spoken to him when I wanted to… anyway…you watched the Bomkesh Bakshi movie… I did not(: … how is that to watch?

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